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Roswell F. Cottrell
Short Name: Roswell F. Cottrell
Full Name: Cottrell, Roswell Fenner, 1814-1892
Birth Year: 1814
Death Year: 1892

Born: Jan­u­a­ry 17, 1814, Brookfield, New York.
Died: March 22, 1892, Mill Grove, New York.
Buried: West Ridgeway Cemetery, Me­di­na, New York.

Cottrell was known as a writ­er, po­et and min­i­s­ter. A mem­ber of the Seventh-day Adventists, he served for a time on the ed­it­or­i­al com­mit­tee of The Re­view and Her­ald in Bat­tle Creek, Mi­chi­gan. As of 1857, he was liv­ing in Mill Grove, New York.

Texts by Roswell F. Cottrell (24)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
When God confirmed his law to menR. F. Cottrell (Author)4
When ancient Isr'l met the foeRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)2
'Twas wondrous depth of heavenly loveR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
There is a house in heaven builtRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)4
The wonders of redeeming love our highest thoughts exceedRoswell F. Cottrell, 1814-1892 (Author)English7
The time is near when Zion's sonsR. F. Cottrell (Author)English8
The God that made the earth and all the worldsRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)5
Solemne anuncio Dios nos daRoswell F. Cottrell (1814-1892) (Author)Spanish1
O solemn thought, and can it beR. F. Cottrell (Author)English6
O perfect law of the Most High! Law ever holy, just, and good!R. F. Cottrell (Author)3
O lift up your heads, your redemption draws newsR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
Holy Sabbath, sacred restR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
Here through a wilderness of sorrowRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)2
God loved the world, the ruined worldRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)3
Erected high in heaven standsRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)2
Delightful day, best gift of heavenRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)5
Cheer up, ye soldiers of the crossRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)3
By living faith we now can seeR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
Blessed are they henceforth that dieRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)5
Behold God's own exalted SonRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)3
Before every drink in esteem under heavenRoswell F. Cottrell (Author)English2
As time rolls on amid earth's gloomR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
As drowsy earth is dreaming stillR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
An angel's voice now breaks upon the earR. F. Cottrell (Author)3
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