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Dan Damon › Tunes

Dan Damon
Short Name: Dan Damon
Full Name: Damon, Dan, 1955-
Birth Year: 1955

Daniel Charles Damon (b. 1955) is an internationally published writer of hymn texts and tunes and is Associate Editor of Hymnody for Hope Publishing Company, Carol Stream, Illinois. Damon is also a jazz pianist and has played in many hotels and clubs in the San Francisco Bay area. He holds degrees from Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois (BME, 1977) and Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California (MDiv, 1987). He is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church in the San Francisco Bay area and a life member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada.

Several single-author collections of Damon's hymns have been published: Faith Will Sing (Carol Stream, 1993), The Sound of Welcome (Carol Stream, 1998), To the Thirsty World (Nashville, 2002), Fields of Mercy (Carol Stream, 2007), and Garden of Joy (Carol Stream, 2011). He collaborated with text writer Gracia Grindal in A Treasury of Faith: Lectionary Hymns Series A (Colfax. 2012). Damon's hymns have been included in several major hymnals and supplements. He has also written hymn translations from Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Shona languages, and, with Patrick Matsikenyiri, edited Njalo, A Collection of 16 Hymns in the African Tradition (Nashville, 1996). He has released three recordings of hymns, carols, and traditional songs, and a solo piano recording of jazz standards (available at

Damon has presented his work at national conferences of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada and the Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts. He is a contributor to the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology.

In 2016, Damon was made a Fellow of the hymn Society, the highest honor The Hymn Society can confer.

Dan Damon

Tunes by Dan Damon (88)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
ADORO TE DEVOTE (Plainsong)Daniel Charles Damon (Arranger)213555 65432 11135
AIN'T NO GRAVEDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)215555 55431 15433
ANGEL'S CAMPDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)311235 43221 23455
ARMSTRONG (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)223543 42712 34275
ASHRAF CITYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)213423 21271 34345
ASSAMDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)111355 56531 11111
BLACK HILLSDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)255517 54341 11134
BURLINGAMEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)235432 36654 51543
BUTCHER HILLDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)213331 71113 33455
CANYON LAKEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)215432 12316 54321
CASTRO RANCHDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)211123 45557 65451
CHARTRES STREETDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251234 32256 712
COLUMCILLEDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)112332 71112 3345
[Vengan hambrientos]Daniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Harmonizer)255561 22321 62223
DANIEL'S (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (1955-) (Composer)215554 56455 42321
DAUPHIN WAYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
[Deus chama a gente pra'um momento novo]Dan Damon (Arranger)151235 43232 11117
DORNANDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)252151 25514 32123
EMERALD BAYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)216561 23232 14
FIFTY-TWO ROSESDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
GREENWOOD RIDGEDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)211711 17111 23217
HAWK SPRINGSDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)253171 65317 16427
HE WILL NEVER LET GODaniel Charles Damon (Composer)212356 32155 61216
HELOBUNGDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)232123 21232 16712
HENSLEYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)214321 71514 34555
HILDENDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)253532 12222 61113
HOLLYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)214311 54227 65432
HUNTERDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
INNOCENTS (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)253212 17127 45
JESUS IS THE ROCK (Ghanaian)Daniel Charles Damon (Arranger)211161 61113 33331
[Jesus, you fill our hearts with your love]Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)255543 44542 3343
JOSEPHDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)213454 31134 32711
KAKISDan Damon (Composer)355534 53165 43212
KELLY (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)612321 76715 12321
KNOWLES WALLACEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)215345 43133 45512
LEE (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)235555 54536 11121
LIKE A CHILDDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)823432 23456 51234
LIVING CHRISTDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)256112 13321 65561
LOST SPRINGSDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)254327 15123 455
LOVE FEAST (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)255556 11133 31232
MERCY, PEACE, AND LOVEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)233231 33434 55332
MODESTODan Damon (Composer)555543 21111 12342
MONA WESTDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)255561 11232 1255
NIGHT OF PEACEDaniel Charles Damon, b. 1955 (Composer)233512 34361 16533
NO LESSER LIGHTDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)211122 34334 57655
NOT BROKENDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251752 31653 55175
O TANNENBAUM (German)Daniel Charles Damon (Arranger)151112 33323 47211
OAK PARK (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)212323 43217 65561
OLD MILLDaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)231123 56115 55321
OUR GOD IS A ROCKDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)255431 34555 34445
PARSONS (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
PINE RIDGEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)215434 53212 34565
PINOLE VALLEYDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251235 56545 565
POST STREETDan Damon (Composer)2
POTTSTOWNDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)253532 12353 53212
PRAYER FOR TRAVELERSDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)211234 55566 75445
QUARRY LAKESDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251576 46554 36543
RAIN SONGDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)213171 54345 71311
RAUMATI BEACHDan Damon (Composer)2
REMEMBER THE ROCKDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)215454 31313 45434
ROBINSON (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Composer)244357 17133 27175
ROCKHURSTDaniel Charles Damon, b. 1955 (Composer)251231 17113 45431
ROCKLINDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251321 71511 74
SAFFRON STRANDDaniel Charles Damon (Harmonizer)234543 21234 23134
SAN ANSELMODaniel Charles Damon (Composer)4
SILVER FORKDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)3
SLOOP JOHN B.Daniel Charles Damon (Arranger)253333 43533 3435
SOQUELDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
SOUTH CANYONDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
SOUTH HILLDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)2
SPIRIT WIND (Damon)Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)232133 22432 44333
STANDING ROCKDan Damon (Composer)2
STANISLAUSDaniel Charles Damon, b. 1955 (Composer)834556 71215 65121
STITELERDan Damon (Composer)3
STONYFORDDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)234545 43671 51231
SWEETWATERDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)455454 32113 45432
[Three things I promise, Holy God]Daniel Charles Damon (Composer)351765 34551 76712
THROCKMORTONDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)451127 13455 64551
TWILIGHT (Damon)Dan Damon (Composer)751562 51343 23333
TWISTED LIVESDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)234543 12366 54334
UNTETHERED HORSESDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)234316 23343 1
VOISINDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)234531 14432 12234
WESTERN DRIVEDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)235457 17656 53535
WICKETDan Damon (Composer)2
WILD MOUNTAIN THYMEDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)116561 13565 65353
WINTER'S CHILDDaniel Charles Damon (Composer)251121 23315 51121
WORK TO DODaniel Charles Damon, 1955- (Arranger)251232 15512 32151
YELLOW BIRDDaniel Charles Damon (Arranger)254534 43453 54534
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