Elwood Denson

Short Name: Elwood Denson
Full Name: Denson, Elwood
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Go forth, ye workers for JesusElwood Denson (Author)2
Have you ever heard the story of the Babe of Bethlehem, Who was worshipped by the angelsElwood Denson (Author)2
I can hide in thy love, dear LordElwood Denson (Author)2
I have a Savior who loves meElwood Denson (Author)3
I have a song of gladness, deep in my soulElwood Denson (Author)3
I have learned the wondrous secretElwood Denson (Author)1
I know the world is singingElwood Denson (Author)2
I was lost in darkness, tempest tossed it seemedElwood Denson (Author)2
Jesus came down from his gloryElwood Denson (Author)1
Once the shadows of destruction hovered o'erElwood Denson (Author)2
One day when Christ was teachingElwood Denson (Author)2
Satan had bound me, sin had confound meElwood Denson (Author)2
There is only one true way to GodElwood Denson (Author)2
There's a city so we have been toldElwood Denson (Author)2
There's a name that has so much meaningElwood Denson (Author)3
When your heart is heavy and your soulElwood Denson (Author)3
While fighting for my Savior the devil triesElwood Denson (Author)2