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W. Howard Doane
Short Name: W. Howard Doane
Full Name: Doane, W. Howard (William Howard), 1832-1915
Birth Year: 1832
Death Year: 1915

An industrialist and philanthropist, William H. Doane (b. Preston, CT, 1832; d. South Orange, NJ, 1915), was also a staunch supporter of evangelistic campaigns and a prolific writer of hymn tunes. He was head of a large woodworking machinery plant in Cincinnati and a civic leader in that city. He showed his devotion to the church by supporting the work of the evangelistic team of Dwight L. Moody and Ira D. Sankey and by endowing Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and Denison University in Granville, Ohio. An amateur composer, Doane wrote over twenty-two hundred hymn and gospel song tunes, and he edited over forty songbooks.

Bert Polman
Doane, William Howard, p. 304, he was born Feb. 3, 1832. His first Sunday School hymn-book was Sabbath Gems published in 1861. He has composed about 1000 tunes, songs, anthems, &c. He has written but few hymns. Of these "No one knows but Jesus," "Precious Saviour, dearest Friend," and "Saviour, like a bird to Thee," are noted in Burrage's Baptist Hymn Writers. 1888, p. 557.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Doane, W. H. (William Howard), born in Preston, Connecticut, 1831, and educated for the musical profession by eminent American and German masters. He has had for years the superintendence of a large Baptist Sunday School in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he resides. Although not a hymnwriter, the wonderful success which has attended his musical setting of numerous American hymns, and the number of his musical editions of hymnbooks for Sunday Schools and evangelistic purposes, bring him within the sphere of hymnological literature. Amongst his collections we have:—

(1) Silver Spray, 1868; (2) Pure Gold, 1877; (3) Royal Diadem, 1873; (4) Welcome Tidings, 1877; (5) Brightest and Best, 1875; (6) Fountain of Song; (7) Songs of Devotion, 1870; (8) Temple Anthems, &c.

His most popular melodies include "Near the Cross," "Safe in the Arms of Jesus," "Pass me Not," "More Love to Thee," "Rescue the Perishing," "Tell me the Old, Old Story," &c.

- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Wikipedia Biography

William Howard Doane (1832 – 1915) was a manufacturer, inventor, hymn writer, choral director, church leader and philanthropist. He composed over 2000 church hymns. More than seventy patents are credited to him for innovations in woodworking machinery. His philanthropy led to the renaming of the Granville Academy, as the Doane Academy, a boys’ private preparatory school associated with Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where he was a major benefactor.

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[Bring the Easter lilies fair]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Wake, O strangely favored nation]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[I am Jesus' little friend] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[A blessing for you--will you take it?]William Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)3
[A few more marchings weary]William Howard Doane (Composer)10
[Lead me to Jesus, lead me to Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[A little talk with Jesus] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[A tribute to the Christ we bring]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Abundant pardon God hath said]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
ADORATION (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)12
[After the clouds their flight have sped]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[All around is bright and fair]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[All the way along, Jesus is my song]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
ALSTYNEW. Howard Doane (Composer)9
[Another happy golden year]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Arise, come ye forth, and forever break the chain]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Army of Jesus, marching to conquer]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[At evening time it shall be light]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[At the judgment seat of Christ, my Saviour]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
AVALONWilliam H. Doane (Arranger)3
[Awake, awake, put on thy strength] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Awake, O voice of music]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Awhile over earth's mountains we're roaming]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The blood of Jesus! catch the strain]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
TREAD SOFTLYWilliam H. Doane (Composer)32
[Bear the message onward]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Bethesda is open, the angel has come]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Beyond the smiling and the weeping] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Blessed host of the Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
['Tis the blessed hour of prayer, when our hearts lowly bend] (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)80
[Blessed Spirit, rest, we pray]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
BLESSING (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Bright till our Lord's returning]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Broken in Spirit]W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[Brother, is your face toward the Canaan of rest?]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Children sing, gladly sing]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[It may be at morn, when the day is awaking]William H. Doane (Composer)1
[Christ the good Shepherd is tenderly leading me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Christ was born in Bethlehem]William Howard Doane (Arranger)2
[Christian brother over the main]William Howard Doane (Composer)7
[Cleansed in the blood that was shed on the tree]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
CLEVELAND (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Close to Thee, my blessed Savior]Dr. W. H. Doane (Composer)5
COLBYWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)3
COLORADO SPRINGSWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Come, brother, Jesus saith, I am the way] (Doane)W. Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Come, burdened souls, with all your guilt]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O hear my cry, be gracious now to me] (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)19
[Come home! come home]W. Howard Doane (Composer)12
[Come in our midst, O gracious Lord]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Come, poor sinner, to the blessèd, blessèd feast] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Come stay thy feet by the shelt’ring Rock]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Come to the fountain of mercy and live]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Come with all thy sorrow]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
VICTORY (Palestrina)W. H. D. (Arranger)1
[Cool from the walls of Elim]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
COVINGTON (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)5
CRAWFORD (Haydn)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Though your sins be as scarlet] William H. Doane (Composer)75
CROSS OF JESUS (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Crowds are behind Thee, crowds are before]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
DALMATIAWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Day by day the Lord to you is saying]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Day had softly faded]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Dear Lord, Thy precious blood was shed for me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Dear Saviour, take my hand in Thine]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Dear Savior, we, thy children]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
JESUS, THY NAME I LOVEWilliam H. Doane (Composer)4
[Drawn from a thousand distant homes]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We've been singing, we've been singing]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Earth's utmost bounds shall hear]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Beautiful Eden, refuge of peace]William H. Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)4
ENCOURAGEMENTW. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Tell me the old, old story] (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)138
[Ever since I gave my heart to Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Savior, more than life to me]William H. Doane (Composer)124
[Faith like a solid rock]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Faith wings my soul to Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Father, look upon us now]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Father, we pray Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Father, while we this service close]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Firm in the right let us cheerily go]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Firmly stand for God, in the world’s mad strife]W. H. Doane (Composer)7
[First among the Christian graces]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
FIRST COMMANDMENTWilliam Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)6
[Follow the path of Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[For this sweet hour, O heavenly King] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Forward, brothers, forward, battle for the right]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[From every stormy wind that blows] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[From the hundred sheep which the Shepherd's care]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[From the world with sin alluring]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Full atonement, wondrous story]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Gird on, gird on you armor]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Glory, Glory, Glory! Great is the Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Glory, glory, glory, Lord our Creator]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Glory, glory, hallowed be His name]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Go and seek the little wanderers]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Go ye in all the world]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[God bless our Gospel workers]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[God is calling to his army]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[God of our sires that joyful sang]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Gracious Lord, Thou canst make me clean]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Grant me a deeper love, Saviour divine]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Great is Jehovah, King of kings]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Guard the Bible well]William Howard Doane (Composer)7
[Had earth no thorns among its flowers]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Hallelujah! hark! from above]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Happy faces turning now to Zion]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Hark, hark the song, gliding along]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Hark that cry of deep and earnest pleading]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Hark! There comes a whisper]W. H. Doane (Composer)12
[Hark, ‘tis the gospel trumpet sounding far and near]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[He came in his beauty, strength and pride]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[He came in the hush of the silent night]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[He is knocking, will you hear him now]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Hear the gentle voice that calls thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Hear the invitation sweeping over the land]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Hear the voice of Jesus say]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Hearts full of gladness, once more we gather]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Help us to labor on]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Hide me, O my Savior, hide me]William H. Doane (Composer)27
HILLSBOROWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Holy Spirit from above] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
HONOLULUWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Hour by hour we trust in Jesus]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[How dear to the heart of the Shepherd above]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[How sweet from the scriptures the story we tell]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[How sweet the call of mercy]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[How sweetly o'er the mountain of Zion]William Howard Doane (Composer)6
[Humbly confessing our need, O Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Humbly, O Lord, I wait]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Humilde á tus pies] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I am Jesus' little, little friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I am resting in the Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I am sitting at the portal]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice]William H. Doane (Composer)232
[I am trusting Him who died for me]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[I bless the Lord whose faithful hand]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[I gave My life for thee] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I give my heart to Thee, O blessed Saviour]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[I have a faith in Christ my Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[I have a royal message]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I have laid my all, dear Savior, at Thy feet]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I have longed for the bliss of pardon]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[I have peace with God, sweet peace at last]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I hear the words of a precious Friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I know that Jesus loved me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I love to sit at Jesus' feet]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I now believe in Christ the Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[I will go and tell my Savior]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[I will sing of my salvation]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[I will tell what the Lord hath done for me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[If any man now will hear the voice]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[If graven on thy palm]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[If he, my Lord, is with me still]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
IF I COME TO JESUSWilliam Howard Doane, 1832-1916 (Composer)8
[If the Savior journey with me] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)11
[I'll look away to Calvary's brow]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In a little while more, these rolling years]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In my Father’s dwelling above]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[In our duty, Lord, to Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In our Father's many mansions]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In the blessed Book that God hath given] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In the early morning, when the reapers go]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[In the harvest field there is work to do]W. Howard Doane (Composer)24
[In the highways and hedges go seek for the lost]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[In the struggle of life there's a conquest to win]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[In Thy name, O blessed Savior, trusting in Thy grace divine]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Is it nothing to thee, is it nothing to thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Is my hope on the rifted Rock]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Is there a heart that is waiting] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)29
[Is there any sad heart that is heavy laden]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Is your hand on the plow?]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Jesus came and sought me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus, gracious one, calleth now to thee]William Howard Doane (Composer)6
[Jesus has promised me a home in heav'n]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Jesus I bless thee, Savior Divine]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus, I love thee, Thou art to me]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Jesus, I my sins confess]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus, let me come to Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus, Sun and Shield art Thou]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Jesus, thou Lamb of God]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus thy precious blood]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Jesus washed my sins away]William Howard Doane (Composer)7
[Jimmie, said his kind protector]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Joy, joy, joy today!]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Joy, joy to all, O happy, happy tidings]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Just stepping over dark Jordan's cold wave]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Just the whispered name of Jesus]W. Howard Doane (Composer)1
[Keep your covenant with Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
KENSINGTONW. Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Know each other, blessed comfort]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Strike, o strike for victory]William H. Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)5
[Let me sing, the Lord has blessed me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Let us take our place in the field of grace]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Lifting glad hosannas to the Lord our King]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Like a mighty army]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Like a wand'ring sheep from the fold I stray'd]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Like the still quiet fall of the silent dew of night]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[List, 'tis the Savior calling]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Little eyes, little eyes] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)8
[Llegaremos al hogar que Jesús preparó]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
LLOYDW. Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Lord, I adore thee, Gladly]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Lord, my trust I repose on Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Lord, on Thee my strength relies]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Lord, we beseech thee, come in thy love]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Love is shining over us]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Loving Saviour, bend Thine ear]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Loving Savior, lead me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Make thine abode with me]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Marching along with banner and song]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Marching neath the banner of the King of kings]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Revive Thy work, O Lord] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)15
JESUS, THOU MIGHTY LORDWilliam Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)10
[Mine be a hope that is changeless and sure]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
MINHA ORAÇÃOWilliam Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)2
[Now just a word for Jesus, your dearest friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)16
MITCHELLW. Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Here from the world we turn]W. H. Doane (Composer)12
[More and more I need thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)8
MORE LIKE JESUS (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)15
[More Love to Thee, O Christ]William H. Doane (Composer)205
[My Bible, precious treasure]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[My heart is fixed, eternal God] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[My heart shall be a temple]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[My hope is built on nothing less] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[My life is a wearisome journey]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[My Savior hears the prayer I raise] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[My soul is uplifted with rapture untold]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[My soul with rapture waits for thee] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
NEAR THE CROSS (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)229
[Near to the Saviour, O come very near]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[New life is mine, new life is mine]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[News of redemption through Christ our Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[No book like the Bible]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Now at a throne of grace]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Now begin the heavenly race]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Now our pennies bringing]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Now the Savor invites you to come]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Now to the Father, the God of earth and heaven]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Now to the Fountain of Life I am going]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[O banner of Jesus, in triumph advancing]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O Blessed Redeemer, I know I am Thine]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O burdened soul no longer wait]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O can it be, O can it be]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O fly to the Ark, poor soul]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[O for the robe of whiteness]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O have you not heard of a Savior who came]Dr. W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O heart, awake, one loving word]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O how bright, cheerfully bright, our Sunday School]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O how happy every heart]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O how light to the soul are its crosses]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[O how sweet to sing of Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O Jesus, thou art standing] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[O Jesus, we bless Thee for that dear word]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[O Lamb of God, still keep me]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O let us live nearer to Jesus our Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[O let your light, tho' little, shine out]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[O light of light, shine in!]W. H. Doane (Composer)8
[O my Savior, humbly I am coming, coming]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O pity the erring]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O precious Redeemer, we come in our need]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O remember there's a work to be done]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O Saviour mine, who now beholdest me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O Saviour, we pray Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O softly the Spirit is whispering to me]W. H. Doane (Composer)12
[O soul, from Calv'ry's cross]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[O swell the song of Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O the blessed cross of Christ my story]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O the children may come to the Savior now]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O the crimson wave, hallelujah]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O, the song within my soul]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O there is none like the blessed King of Judah]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[O Thou that hearest prayer] (Doane 31776)W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[O to be gentle and holy]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[O to think the Lord of glory]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O, wanderer come, this hour decide]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[O what joy the believer may know]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[O come, sinner, come! 'tis mercy's call]William Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)8
[On a desert wild and lonely]William Howard Doane (Composer)5
[On the heights why standest thou]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[On the land, on the sea]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[On the sweet Eden shore, so peaceful and bright]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[On the watch tower thou who standeth]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[On the wings of the morn, speed, O speed ye away]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[On the wings of the morn, speed, O speed ye away]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[On to the conflict, soldiers for the right]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Once again with delight we gather]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Once Jesus was a child like me]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[One blessèd hour with Jesus our Lord]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[One is standing at the door]W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[One more day of toiling]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[One there is who loves thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)7
[Only a doorkeeper though I may be]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Only a step to Jesus] William H. Doane (Composer)26
[Only Thee, my soul's Redeemer]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Only trust and obey]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Onward go the sunbeams]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Onward! O Christian Warriors]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Our boat is on a stormy sea]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Our joyful notes we gladly raise]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Our school is a vineyard, a garden of truth]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Over my spirit, silently musing]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Overcoming evil day by day]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Pass me not, O gentle Savior] (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)267
[Peaceful and beautiful haven of rest]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Peacefully, tranquilly]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Place a lamp in the window]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Planted in thy house, O Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Praise, my soul, the King of heaven] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Praise the Lord, praise the Lord] (Chorus)William H. Doane (Composer)2
[Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, break forth in song]W. H. Doane (Composer)1
[Take the name of Jesus with you]William H. Doane (Composer)174
[Precious Savior, dearest friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Precious Savior, I would follow]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Precious words that Jesus said]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
PRESTON (Doane)William H. Doane. 1831-1915 (Composer)5
[Promptly on time we'll gather in our places]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Pure and holy I would be] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Reach me thy hand, my child]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
READ THE BIBLEW. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Heavy laden, sick with sin]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Regresa, regresa Tranquilo al hogar] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Rejoice ye with singing who trust in the Lord:]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Rescue the perishing, care for the dying]William H. Doane (Composer)225
[Rich are the mercies our God is bestowing]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Safe in the arms of Jesus]William H. Doane (Composer)130
[Savior, help me sing today for Thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Savior, like a bird to Thee]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Saviour, behold in Thy mercy now]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Savior, keep me every day]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Saviour, keep me near Thy side]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Savior, the day is declining]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Saviour, Thy name I plead]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Saviour, we pray Thee, from above]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Savior, while my heart is tender]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Savior, who died for me] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Scatter kind words all around you]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Shining in darkness, by faith we behold]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
SIENNAW. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Simply trusting all the way]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
Sing Praise to the FatherWilliam H. Doane (Composer)2
[Sit down by the side of your mother, my boy]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Some are sowing their seed]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Some day the silver cord will break] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)6
[Something whispers in my soul]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Sound the alarm! Let the watchman cry!]W. H. Doane (Composer)6
[Sound the Gospel trumpet forth]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Speed for thy life to the mountain]William Howard Doane (Composer)6
[Spirit of love divine]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Strike the loud cymbals, echo the song]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Sweet Sabbath School! more dear to me]W. H. Doane (Composer)6
[Sweetest name in the realms]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Take the cross, take the cross, hold it up to the world]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Tell it with joy, tell it with joy, love in my bosom]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Tell me the old, old story] (Excell)William Howard Doane, 1832-1915 (Composer)1
[Tell me the stories of Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Tenderly He leads us]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[The children are coming, united and strong]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[The cross that He gave may be heavy]W. H. D. (Arranger)1
[The day is gone, its light is past]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The King has made a marriage]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
THE LION OF JUDAH*William H. Doane (Composer)2
[The Lord bless thee, and keep thee] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The Lord commanded Abraham]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The Lord watch between me and thee] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[The promised day is dawning]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The Spirit is softly calling]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
THE UPLIFTED CROSSW. H. Doane (Composer)2
[The welcome news my soul makes glad]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[There is a Friend, a patient Friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[There is a hope that never dies]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There is a land where shines the light]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[There is an hour of calm relief]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[There is in prayer a wondrous pow’r]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There is joy in my heart all the day]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[There is no nearer, dearer friend]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[There is no sweeter time than this]W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[There is only one name that the saints adore]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[There is pardon at the cross]W. H. Doane (Composer)6
[There is something on earth for the children to do] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There was one who came and knelt at Jesus' feet]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There were many children's voices]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[There’s a book which surpasses the sages]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[There's a city that looks over the valley of death] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[There's a gentle voice within calls away] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)12
[There's a joy that no thought can express]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There's a land afar, where the angels are]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[There’s a promise from the Lord]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[There's a soft pleading voice, calling tenderly]W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[There's an hour that comes like a healing balm]W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[Tho' I am but a little child]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Though unseen, yet still we love thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Thou whose blood was shed for me]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Thou whose hand did lead Thy chosen people]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Thro' the sacrifice of Jesus the Lamb]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Throne of eternal Love]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Tidings from over the Jordan]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
['Tis a blessed hope, and it cheers my soul] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)2
'TIS NOT FAR TO JESUSWilliam Howard Doane (Composer)2
['Tis only a little way on to my home]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
['Tis our faith in Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
TO GOD BE THE GLORY (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)129
[To God who claims our highest praise]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[To the work! to the work]William H. Doane (Composer)77
[Too late? Ah, no, the pulse of life still throbs within thy breast]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Traveling homeward, traveling homeward]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Trust to the Lord to hide thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
['Twill not be long, our journey here]William Howard Doane (Composer)4
[Up with the morning, O pilgrim of Zion!]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Uplift every valley, the sunlight to share]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[He holds in remembrance]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Vesper bells are ringing]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
VINTONW. H. Doane (Composer)1
VISION (Doane)William H. Doane (Composer)22
[We are a band of merry children]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[We are children of a King]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[We are Christian soldiers]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We are glad ‘tis the Saviour’s voice]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We are going forth with our staff in hand]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[We are little friends of Jesus]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We are marching on with a cheerful tread]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[We are marching onward, 'tis the King's command]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We are ransomed by a King, and His mandate we receive]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We have met once more, in the Master's name]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[We must not break God's holy law]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We must work and pray together] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)5
WE PRAISE THEE (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)5
[We shall reach the summerland] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)16
[We welcome with delight]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Weeping hours will soon be over]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Welcome, welcome, friend and pastor]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[We'll give our hearts to Jesus]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[We're saved by the blood]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
WESLEY (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[What shall I do with Jesus] (Doane)W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[What wilt Thou have me to do, O Lord]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[What wonderful words in the Gospel of grace]William Howard Doane (Composer)3
[When I have finished my journey on earth]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[When I sought the ear of the Strong to save]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When Jesus lives within]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[When little Samuel heard]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When my journey past, I am safe at last]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When on the weary heart there dawns]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[When the cares of life are ended]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When the clouds are gath'ring round thee]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When the fair hills of promise]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When the heart is in tune]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When the heart is weary]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When the roses of youth all their beauty display]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[When thy heart, with sin oppressing]Dr. W. H. Doane (Composer)5
[Where are the sins that once burden'd my soul?]W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[Where Thou dost bid me come]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[While the golden sceptre waits]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[While to Zion we are marching]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Who is ready, who is willing]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Who Jesus is, I cannot tell]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Who knocketh now at the wicket gate?]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Who will follow the Saviour]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Who'll be sowing, who'll be sowing]W. H. Doane (Composer)4
[Why do the holy angels sing?]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Will the Angels Come] W. H. Doane (Composer)3
[With folded hands upon my breast]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[With the eyes of our faith on the Hill of the Lord]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Within the royal city]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[When Jesus comes to reward His servants]William H. Doane (Composer)77
[Work, for the day is coming]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Working for the Master]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Working in the vineyard]William Howard Doane (Composer)2
[Would we make our duty light]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Would you have the sunlight in your heart today]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Would you in wisdom and righteousness grow]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Wrecked on the billow, rent by the gale]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
[Dear Savior, take my hand in thine] (Doane)William Howard Doane (Composer)8
[Youthful hearts, with music ringing]W. H. Doane (Composer)2
ZIBAW. Howard Doane (Composer)3
[Zion's mount His royal seat]William Howard Doane (Composer)2

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