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Short Name: Lewis Edson
Full Name: Edson, Lewis, 1748-1820
Birth Year: 1748
Death Year: 1820

Lewis EdsonBorn in Massachusetts,he began working as a blacksmith and farmer. After marrying, he became a singing teacher, notable in his day. He taught singing in MA NY and CN, moving to NY in 1817. He was also an author. His 35 works consist of tunebooks, anthems, Psalm music, music scores and chants for choir use.

John Perry

Tunes by Lewis Edson (4)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BRIDGEWATER (Edson)Edson (Composer)1413122 17132 14321
GREENFIELD (13355)Edson (Composer)213355 71556 54321
LENOX (Edson)Lewis Edson (Composer)31111156 55123 21135
CONTRAST (German)Lewis Edson (Composer)9951513 13543 53212
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