Lethal A. Ellis

Short Name: Lethal A. Ellis
Full Name: Ellis, Lethal A.

Lethal Albert Ellis was born in New Liberty, MS, Calhoun County. He was a widower, with one son, who he raised by himself with modest means. He remarried late in life. He had three grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, eight great-great. He fought in World War I. Ellis died in Vardaman, MS.

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Can't you see my Savior thereLethal A. Ellis (Author)8
Face to face with my dear SaviorLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
Go and find a little place in secretLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
Happy in Jesus on my wayLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
Have you been alone and talked with GodLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
How sweet it is to be with GodLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
I need thee, Lord, every hourLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
If I could turn back the pages of timeLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
I'm just a pilgrim amid my sorrowsLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
In the shadow bright there is always lightLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
Jesus saved my soul from deathLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
No painter's brush can trace the bloodLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
O blessed Savior, help me live each dayLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
O the soul that is lost in the world tempestLethal A. Ellis (Author)3
The sweetest place on earth to manLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There is a battle in the landLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There is a place called heaven (Ellis)Lethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There is work for the MasterLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There's a beautiful garden filledLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There's a God who's standing at heaven's doorLethal A. Ellis (Author)14
There's a happy home in glory for the soulLethal A. Ellis (Author)3
There's a place I'm told, built of purest goldLethal A. Ellis (Author)3
There's a place just over yonderLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
There's a trail of precious scenesLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
'Tis sweet to be alone with GodLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
When I was on the downward wayLethal A. Ellis (Author)2
When you arrive inside the gateLethal A. Ellis (Author)4
You may be the rich ruler of Lazarus of oldLethal A. Ellis (Author)2