William R. Featherstone

Short Name: William R. Featherstone
Full Name: Featherstone, William Ralph, 1846-1873
Birth Year: 1846
Death Year: 1873

Wikipedia Biography

William Ralph Featherston (1848–1875) was a Christian hymnwriter, who wrote the poem My Jesus I Love Thee. He is believed to have written the poem at the age of either 12 or 16 years. In 1876 Adoniram Gordon used the poem as lyrics for a hymn. Featherston died prior to his 27th birthday, and is not known to have written any other songs.

Texts by William R. Featherstone (6)sort descendingAsInstances
أفادي أنت لنفسي النصيبWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)1
Jesus, sempre te amoWilliam Ralph Featherstone (Author)2
Mein Jesus, dich lieb' ich, ich weiss du bist meinWilliam R. Featherstone (Alterer)1
Mein Jesus, ich lieb' dich, ich weiss du bist meinWilliam R. Featherston (Author)1
My Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mineWilliam R. Featherstone (Author)619
Oh, Cristo, yo te amo, que mío eres, sé</Font>William R. Featherstone (Author)3

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