Fred A. Fillmore

Fred A. Fillmore
Short Name: Fred A. Fillmore
Full Name: Fillmore, Fred A. (Frederick Augustus), 1856-1925
Birth Year: 1856
Death Year: 1925

Born: May 15, 1856, Par­is, Ill­i­nois.
Died: No­vem­ber 15, 1925, Ter­race Park, Ohio.
Buried: Mil­ford, Ohio.

Frederick Augustus Fillmore, who was born on May 15, 1856, in Paris, IL, one of seven children, five sons and two daughters, born to Augustus Damon and Hannah Lockwood Fillmore. His father was a preacher in the Christian Church, as well as a composer,
songbook compiler, and hymn publisher who developed his own system of musical notation using numbers on the staff in place of note heads. Augustus eventually settled in Cincinnati, OH, and established a music publishing business there. Until 1906, there was no official distinction between "Christian Churches" and "Churches of Christ." The names were used pretty much interchangeably, and many older churches of Christ which are faithful today were once known as "Christian Churches."

Fred and his older brother James took over their father's publishing business following the death of Augustus in 1870 and established the Fillmore Brothers Music House. This became a successful Cincinnati music form, publishing church hymnals and later band and orchestral music. For many years the firm issued a monthly periodical, The Music Messenger. The brothers edited many hymnbooks and produced many songs which became popular. Beginning with the songbook Songs of Glory in 1874, there appeared many Fillmore publications which became widely used through churches, especially in the midwest. For these collections, Fred provided a great deal of hymn tunes.

Texts by Fred A. Fillmore (23)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
When the waiting time is overFred A. Fillmore (Author)English8
What the Lord has done for meF. A. F. (Author)6
We've enlisted to fight, for the truth and the rightFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
Unfurl the banner of the KingFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
They're telling a story so wondrousF. A. F. (Author)3
There is love in the promise of JesusF. A. F. (Author)English2
There are mighty waves of sentimentFred A. Fillmore (Author)2
The story of Jesus is precious to meFred A. Fillmore (Author)English3
Send the blessed gospel to the sons of menF. A. F. (Author)2
Sä'st du fleißig den Samen des lebensF. A. F. (Author)German3
No other one like JesusFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
Marching on, a glad and happy throngFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
Listen to the Savior knocking, knockingFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
I'm glad I have chosen the pathway that JesusFred A. Fillmore (Author)2
I know that my Redeemer lives, And ever prays for me (Fillmore)F. A. F. (Arranger)English11
I do not know just what will beFred A. Fillmore (Author)2
I am thinking of my childhood, of the happy days gone byFred A. Fillmore (Author)English2
Go and work for Jesus, There is much, much to doF. A. F. (Author)English2
Can I do aught for JesusF. A. F. (Author)2
Are you with burdens and sorrows oppressedFred A. Fillmore (Author)2
Are you sowing the seed over soil rich and fertileF. E. R. (Author)English1
Are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brotherFred A. Fillmore (Author)English44
Are you shining now for JesusFred A. Fillmore (Author)4

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