R. A. Glenn

Short Name: R. A. Glenn
Full Name: Glenn, R. A.

Late 19th Century

Glenn’s works include:
New Melodies of Praise, with Aldine Kieffer (Singers Glen, Virginia: Ruebush, Kieffer & Company, 1877)
The Song Victor for the Sunday School and Public School Use (Cincinnati, Ohio: F. W. Helmick, 1878)
Purest Pearls, with G. Holmes & A. D. Kennedy (Cleveland, Ohio: J. H. Leslie, 1881)
Joy and Praise for Sunday Schools, with Daniel Crist (Cincinnati, Ohio: H. L. Benham & Company, 1886)


Texts by R. A. Glenn (63)sort descendingAsInstances
A beautiful home by faith I can seeR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Blessed are they that do his commandmentsR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Brightly gleams the gospel bannerR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Come and join our great commandR. A. Glenn (Author)5
Come and join the temperance armyR. A. Glenn (Author)1
Come and join the temp'rance armyR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Come and seek thy blessed SaviorR. A. G. (Author)2
Come, comrades, join our song tonightR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Come sign the pledge my brotherR. A. G. (Author)2
Dear Jesus, make me wholly Thine!R. A. Glenn (Author)2
Does Jesus love little children?R. A. G. (Author)2
Ever to the right, boys, ever to the right, Though temptations often come in viewR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Guide me, O my blessed Savior, For I need thee every dayR. A. Glenn (Author)5
Hark, the voice of Jesus calling Come unto me, come unto meR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Ho, my reapers, the morning is dawningR. A. Glenn (Author)2
How oft we meetR. A. Glenn (Author)2
I am bound for that bright and happy landR. A. G. (Author)2
I am going home by and byR. A. Glenn (Author)2
I am thinking tonight of my old cottage homeR. A. G. (Author)9
I am waiting for the angelsR. A. Glenn (Author)4
I am watching, I am waiting for the coming of the Lord (Glenn)R. A. G. (Author)2
I know there's a home for the good that labor hereR. A. Glenn (Author)21
I love to think of the childrenR. A. Glenn (Author)3
I will sing of Jesus' love, Evermore, evermoreR. A. Glenn (Author)2
I'm one day nearer my crown in gloryR. A. Glenn (Author)4
In that beautiful home over there, by and byR. A. Glenn (Author)15
In that beautiful home over there Where the flowers shall fade nevermoreR. A. Glenn (Author)6
In the ways of true temperanceR. A. Glenn (Author)3
I've been redeemed through blood of the LambR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Jesus bore the shame and scornR. A. Glenn (Author)4
Lead me safely on by the narrow wayR. A. Glenn (Author)1
Let us work, let us work, let us each one beginR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Now the bells are ringingR. A. Glenn (Author)2
O I long to go home to that [the] mansion [mansions]R. A. Glenn (Author)6
O what a good time there will beR. A. Glenn (Author)5
O I love to think of my dear SaviorR. A. G. (Author)2
Savior, Thy word a lamp shall beR. A. G. (Arranger)1
See the dark clouds are breakingR. A. Glenn (Author)2
She's gone to the land of ElysianR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Sinner, sinner, Jesus died for theeR. A. Glenn (Author)2
Stay, weary child, thy Savior callsR. A. Glenn (Author)12
Stick to your pledge, boysR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Take our hands in thine, dear FatherR. A. Glenn (Author)6
The drunkard wastes away his strengthR. A. Glenn (Author)1
The judgment is comingR. A. Glenn (Author)2
The Master calls usR. A. Glenn (Author)4
The Master calls us to the harvest fieldR. A. Glenn (Author)2
The temperance army has gathered once moreR. A. Glenn (Author)2
There is a fountain ever flowingR. A. Glenn (Author)2
There is a land of promiseR. A. G. (Author)2
There is a land of promise, By prophets we are toldGlenn (Author)3
There is no one that careth like JesusR. A. G. (Author)2
There's a home far away (Glenn)R. A. Glenn (Author)3
'Tis sweet to singR. A. G. (Author)2
'Twas on a beautiful Sabbath dayR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Up, friends of Jesus, let us work with our mightR. A. Glenn (Author)2
We are marching homeR. A. G. (Author)2
We now must sing our parting song (Glenn)R. A. G. (Author)2
We shall meet again, how sweet the time will beR. A. G. (Author)11
We've a captain true and triedR. A. Glenn (Author)2
When Jesus was upon the mountR. A. Glenn (Author)2
When the Master calleth will your soul be readyR. A. Glenn (Author)3
Wide the temperance gate unfoldR. A. Glenn (Author)2
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