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John E. Gould
Short Name: John E. Gould
Full Name: Gould, J. E. (John Edgar), 1821-1875
Birth Year: 1821
Death Year: 1875

Born: April 9, 1821, Bangor, Maine.
Died: March 4, 1875, Algiers, Africa. Gould became ill and died while traveling.
Buried: November 28, 1875, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Gould managed music stores in New York City and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His partner in Philadelphia was composer William Fischer. His works include:

The Modern Harp, 1846
The Wreath of School Songs, 1847
The Tyrolian Lyre, 1847
The Sunday School Lute, 1848
Harmonia Sacra, 1851
Songs of Gladness for the Sabbath School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Garrigues Brothers, 1869)

Tunes by John E. Gould (75)sort ascendingAsInstances
[While passing by, the breezes sigh]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[When thou prayest, enter into thy closet]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[When over earth is breaking]J. E. Gould (Composer)1
[When no more horrid war]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[When bright all around me life's jewels are sparkling]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[We're climbing the mount of blessing]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[We dwell this side of Jordan's stream]J. E. Gould (Composer)4
[Tossing on the billow] (Gould)John Edgar Gould (Composer)4
[To leave my dear friends and from neighbors to part]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[There's a land that is fairer than day] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[There is a spot of consecrated ground]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[There are lonely hearts to cherish] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[The shadow of the Rock]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[The Lord is in His holy temple] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[The Lord doth build up Jerusalem]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[The little folks are dreaming]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
TAYLOR (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Sweet thought, my God! that on the palms]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Sitting at the feet of Jesus] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
SIDONIAJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Chant] [Searcher of hearts, from mine erase]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
ROCKWOODJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Return, O wanderer, to thy home] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
RESURRECTION (Gould)John E. Gould (Composer)13
POWERSJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Jesus, Savior, pilot me] (Gould)John E. Gould (Composer)364
[Passing, Lord, by vale and mountain]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Palms of glory, raiment bright]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
OVER THEREJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[One by one the sands are flowing] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Oh who'll be there, dear Jesus]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Oh, may I while I live on earth]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[O Lord, O Lord our Governor]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[O praise ye the Lord]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[My Savior stands waiting, and knocks at the door]J. E. Gould (Composer)4
MORNING (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
MILTONAJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[May I go to the heathen, mother]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Make haste, make haste, O man, to live]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
LEGGATTJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
KEDRON (33333)J. E. Gould (Composer)1
[Jesus is mine, his hand divine]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Jesus I come to thee for light]J. E. Gould (Composer)4
[Jesus hath sought us]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[I've been thinking of home–of my Father's house]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[I've a home in these bright fields of life]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[In earth's blighted garden]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[I loved them so]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[I heard a voice, the sweetest voice] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[How sweet to be allowed to pray]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Holy, holy, holy, Lord] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
HILLJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Hear the Chief from his pavilion]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
HARVARD (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
HALL (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
GOULD'S CHANTJohn E. Gould (Composer)3
GOULD (Gould)John Edgar Gould (Composer)13
[God is love; His mercy brightens] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Give, give, willingly give]J. E. Gould (Composer)3
[From this bleak hill of storms]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
FOLSOM (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
FADING DAYJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
EVENTIDE (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
EVENINGJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Dare to do right! Dare to be true]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
CREATION (Haydn)J. E. Gould (Arranger)1
[Come, come to that home in heav'n above]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
BLUMENTHALJ. E. Gould (Arranger)1
[Blessed comfort! while I'm sleeping]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
[Beyond the smiling and the weeping] (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)2
BERA (Gould)John E. Gould (Composer)77
[And now before we part]J. E. Gould (Composer)2
AIKENJ. E. Gould (Composer)2
ADRIAN (Gould)J. E. Gould (Composer)11
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