Charles F. Gounod

Charles F. Gounod
Short Name: Charles F. Gounod
Full Name: Gounod, Charles, 1818-1893
Birth Year: 1818
Death Year: 1893

Wikipedia Biography

Charles-François Gounod (French: [ʃaʁl fʁɑ̃swa ɡuno]; 17 June 1818 – 17 or 18 October 1893) was a French composer, best known for his Ave Maria, based on a work by Bach, as well as his opera Faust. Another opera by Gounod occasionally still performed is Roméo et Juliette. Gounod died at Saint-Cloud in 1893, after a final revision of his twelve operas. His funeral took place ten days later at the Church of the Madeleine, with Camille Saint-Saëns playing the organ and Gabriel Fauré conducting. He was buried at the Cimetière d'Auteuil in Paris.

Tunes by Charles F. Gounod (23)sort descendingAsInstances
[Be not afraid, trust in thy Saviour]Gounod (Composer)2
CRADLED ALL LOWLYCharles F. Gounod (Arranger)5
EVENING HYMN (Gounod)C. F. Gounod, 1813-93 (Composer)4
[Father in heaven, humbly to Thee we pray]Charles Francois Gounod, (1818-1893) (Composer)2
[Forward, and follow the Lord our King!]Charles Gounod (Composer)2
[Glory be to God on high!] (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Arranged from)3
[Glory be to thee, O Lord] (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)3
[Hail, mighty Victor]Charles F. Gounod (Composer)14
[Hail to the great Creator]Gounod (Composer (Chorus))2
[Lord, have mercy upon us] (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)2
LUX FIATCharles F. Gounod, 1818-1893 (Composer)18
LUX PRIMA (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)77
OLNEY (Gounod)Charles Gounod (Composer)2
REDEMPTION (Gounod)Charles Gounod (Composer)8
ROUEN (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)3
[The King of love my Shepherd is]Gounod (Composer)2
THE RADIANT MORN (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)16
[Though poor be the chamber]Chas. Gounod (Composer)5
THREEFOLD AMEN (Gounod)Gounod (Composer)1
TRIUMPH (Gounod)C. Gounod (Composer)3
[Unfold, unfold, unfold]Gounod (Composer)1
VENI EMMANUEL (Gounod)Charles F. Gounod (Composer)6
[Welcome, day of blessing]Gounod (1818-1893) (Composer)5

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