Henry Grove

Short Name: Henry Grove
Full Name: Grove, Henry, 1683-1738
Birth Year: 1683
Death Year: 1738

Grove, Henry, 1683-1738. Presbyterian minister at Taunton, his birthplace, and conductor of a Dissenting Academy there, a contributor to Addison's Spectator (Nos. 588, 601, 626, and 635), and author of An Essay towards a Demonstration of the Soul's Immateriality, 1718; A Discourse of Secret Prayer, 1723; Some Thoughts concerning the Proofs of a Future State from Season, 1730; Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, 1739, including his Spectator papers; A System of Moral Philosophy, 1749, published by Dr. Amory, after his death, and various other works. There are two hymns of his in Pope's Collection, 1760:—
1. 0 Lord, how excellent thy name. God the Creator.
2. Before the Lord our Maker we. God the Preserver. (1) is in Kippis and Martineau’s Hymns for the Christian Church and Home; a selection from (2) in Aspland, and another selection beginning with st. 3, "The starry hosts in order move," in the Supplement to Kippis and in Wallace.

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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Henry Grove (4 January 1684 – 27 February 1738) was an English nonconformist minister, theologian, and dissenting tutor.

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