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Jacob Henry Hall
Short Name: Jacob Henry Hall
Full Name: Hall, J. H. (Jacob Henry), 1855-1941
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1941

Jacob Henry Hall, 1855-1941

Born: Jan­u­a­ry 2, 1855, near Har­ris­on­burg, Vir­gin­ia.
Died: De­cem­ber 22, 1941.
Buried: Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia.

Son of farm­er George G. Hall and Eliz­a­beth Thom­as Hall, Ja­cob at­tend­ed sing­ing schools taught by Tim­o­thy Funk when he was a boy. As his love of mu­sic pro­gressed, he earned mo­ney by trap­ping quail and bought a Ger­man ac­cor­di­on; he soon learned to play one part while sing­ing an­o­ther. Af­ter he and his bro­ther joint­ly pur­chased an or­gan, he taught him­self to play hymn tunes, Gos­pel songs, and an­thems. He went on to stu­dy mu­sic the­ory, har­mo­ny, and com­po­si­tion in Har­ris­on­burg and else­where, and in 1877 at­tend­ed a Nor­mal Mu­sic School in New Mar­ket, Vir­gin­ia, taught by Ben­ja­min Un­seld and P. J. Merges. Af­ter­ward, he par­tnered with H. T. Wart­man for two years to con­duct sing­ing schools and con­ven­tions. In 1890, Hall at­tend­ed Da­na’s Mu­sical In­sti­tute in War­ren, Ohio, and a nor­mal school run by George & F. W. Root at Sil­ver Lake, New York. He lat­er served as prin­ci­pal of the Na­tion­al Nor­mal School of Mu­sic.

Hall’s works in­clude:
Hall’s Songs of Home, 1885
The Star of Beth­le­hem (Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia: Rue­bush-Kief­fer Com­pa­ny)
Musical Mil­lion (as­sis­tant ed­it­or)
Spirit of Praise, with Will­iam Kirk­pat­rick & Charles Case (Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia: The Rue­bush-Kieff­er Com­pa­ny, 1911)
Hall’s Quar­tettes for Men, 1912
Biography of Gos­pel Song and Hymn Writ­ers/em> (New York: Flem­ing H. Re­vell Com­pa­ny, 1914)

Hall, pp. 329-34

Glorious Morn­ing Dawns, The
O Thou Whose Match­less Pow­er Con­trols


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[A blessed thought comes to my soul]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
TOPLADY (Hastings)J. H. Hall (Arranger)1
ARBOVALEJ. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Are we bowed today in sorrow as we see a vacant chair?]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[As on the path of life we tread] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
["Ask, and it shall be given you," brother]J. Henry Hall (Composer)6
[At the Master’s feet I’m kneeling]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Awake, and sing the song] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Beautiful hands at the gateway tonight] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Arranger)2
BRIDGEWATER (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)4
[Christmas boys and girls are we]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
CLINTON (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
COMMUNION (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Counting my numberless blessings today]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
EVENING SONGJ. H. Hall (Composer)6
RESTORATIONJ. H. H. (Arranger)1
[Forever here my rest shall be] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
["Forever with the Lord!"]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[“Glory in the highest,” hear the grand refrain]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Go out and gather the golden grain]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Gracious Savior, can it be] (hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Grave where is thy victory? Death where is thy sting]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Hail, Star divine, oh: wondrous light]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Hark, the glad sound, the Savior comes] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
HARRISONBURGJ. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Have you found Jesus a Savior indeed]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Have you heard the invitation]J. H. Hall (Composer)4
[Have you heard the wondrous story] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[He is knocking at your heart]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[He knoweth thy grief]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Hear the promises of love]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[How sweet will be the welcome home] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I am nearing scenes celestial]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I am safely, safely sheltered]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I am thine, yes, only thine]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[I am trusting in the Savior]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I have been to Jesus to be cleansed with pow’r]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I’ll speak a word for Jesus]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[In the midst of care and tribulation]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[I’ve left the land of sorrow]J. H. Hall (Arranger)2
[Jesus, and shall it ever be] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Jesus, my all, to heav'n is gone] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Arranger)2
[“Jesus only!” this the watchword]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[Jesus, when He left the sky] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Jesus will save us in that great day]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Join we all in cheerful song]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Joy to the world, the Lord is come]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Just where Jesus wants me]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Lord, I hear of showers of blessing] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)3
MAGRUDER (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)4
[Many the ways that we ought to set right]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Nearer the cross of Jesus] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Jesus, my Savior, O, how dear Thou art to me]J. H. Hall (Arranger)1
[O, a goodly thing is the cooling spring]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[O shall I help to swell the song]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[O the stream of living water]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[O ‘tis summer all the time]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[O to be nearer to Jesus]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
SANTA CRUZJ. H. H. (Arranger)1
[Oh, hear Him! tenderly He calls]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[O Paradise! sweet home of love]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Once lonely I wandered a stranger]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Onward Gospel Army]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Open the windows of heaven, O Lord]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Pass me not, O gentle Savior] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
BLESSED NAMEJ. H. H. (Arranger)1
[Rock of Ages, wilt thou be]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Sing, all ye ransomed of the Lord]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Some sweet day we'll meet above]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Sowing seed in the morning fair]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Speak O Lord Thy voice obeying]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Speed away, speed away on your mission of light] (Woodbury)J. E. H. (Arranger)1
SUMMERELLJ. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
SYKESJacob Henry Hall, 1855-1941 (Composer)4
[Tell it out among the people that the Lord is King] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[The beautiful waters are moving]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[The brightest and best is for Jesus, my Lord]J. H. Hall (Composer)3
[The chosen hosts from Egypt went]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[The highway of the King is free]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[The music of heaven is sweeter in measure]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There are dangers drear on the sea of life]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There are lights by the shore of that country]J. H. Hall (Arranger)1
[There is a fountain flowing free]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There is need for “Daniel men”]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There is no friend like Jesus, my King]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There is power in Jesus' blood]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There is sweet contentment in my soul today]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There may come doubts, there may come fears]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There's a light in the window at home for me]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[There’s a work, a work that we all may do]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Thy tender voice I hear]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
['Tis the harvest time] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)4
[To them that love the Lord]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
URBANA (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)5
[Walk in the light! so shalt thou know] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Walking, Savior, close to Thee]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[We are building in sorrow or joy] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[We are exiles now from home]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[We are wandering home as time glideth by] (Abbey)J. H. Hall (Arranger)1
[We are willing workers in the open field]J. H. Hall (Composer)7
[What a precious friend we have in Jesus]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[Whatsoever be thy grief]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[When a foolish thought within]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[When by thoughts of sin]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[When I think how they crucified my Lord] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[When lonely and weary and sad]J. H. Hall (Composer)2
[When the mists have rolled in splendor] (Hall)J. H. Hall (Arranger)2
[Come, shout and sing, make Heaven ring]J. H. H. (Arranger)2
[Will you receive Him]J. H. Hall (Composer)2

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