J. D. Herrnschmidt

Short Name: J. D. Herrnschmidt
Full Name: Herrnschmidt, Johann Daniel, 1675-1723
Birth Year: 1675
Death Year: 1723

Herrnschmidt, Johann Daniel, was born April 11, 1675, at Bopfingen, in Württemberg, where his father, G. A. Herrnschmidt, was from 1673-1702 diaconus, and 1702-1714 Town preacher. He entered the University of Altdorf in 1696 (M.A. 1698), and in the autumn of 1698 went to Halle. In the spring of 1702 he became assistant to his father, and in July, 1702, Heifer at the Town church. In 1712 he became superintendent, court preacher and consistorialrath at Idstein, and in the same year graduated D.D. at Halle. He was finally, in 1715, appointed Professor of Theology at Halle, and in 1716 also sub-director of the Orphanage and the Padagogium there. He died at Halle, Feb. 5, 1723 (Koch, iv. 349-354, 569, &c). He was one of the best hymnwriters of the older Pietistic school. His hymns are Scriptural, and mirror his inner life, but do not possess much poetic force. They were almost all written during his first residence at Halle, 1698-1702, and appeared mostly in Freylinghausen's Geistreiches Gesang Buch1704. Three have passed into English, viz.:—

i. Gott wills machen, dass die Sachen. Trust in God. 1704, No. 417, in 17 stanzas of 6 lines, repeated as No. 706 in the Unvfälschter Liedersegen, 1851. It is founded on the Gospel for the fourth Sunday after Epiphany (St. Matt. viii. 23-27); and is full of clear cut, almost proverbial sayings. Translated as: (1) "God will make it, canst thou take it," in the Supplement to German Psalmody, ed. 1765, p. 63. (2) "Storms and winds may blow and batter," as No. 455 in the Moravian Hymn Book 1789. In the 1801 and later eds. (1886, No. 626), it begins, "Storms of trouble may assail us." (3) “God so guides us, what betides us," by N. L. Frothingham, 1870, p. 251.

The two remaining hymns (ii., iii.) are annotated under Various. [Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by J. D. Herrnschmidt (34)sort ascendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
With hearts and with voices, O praise ye the LordJ. D. Hernschmidt (Author)English3
Wie herrlich ist dein RuhmJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German11
Vor Jesus kan ei noget Herberg findeJ. D. Herrnschmid (Author)Norwegian5
Umsifu Mungu ee roho yanguJ. D. Herrnschmidt, 1675-1723 (Author)Swahili2
Storms of trouble may assail usJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)6
Storms and winds may blow and batterJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)2
Steh ich bei meinem Gott in unverrücktenJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German2
Singt dem Herrn Nah und fernJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German16
Seht, wie mit erhisstem Grimme nun der DracheJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German3
Praise ye the Lord, the Lord is KingJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)2
Praise thy Creator, his power extollingJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)English3
Praise thou the Lord, O my soul, sing praises, praise himJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)English8
Praise thou the Lord, O my soul, now praise HimJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)English6
Praise the Almighty, my soul, adore HimJohan Daniel Hernschmidt (Author)English11
Praise the Almighty! Lord, I adore you!Johann D. Herrnschmidt (Author)English2
Our God is truth, most faithful is his WordJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt, 1675-1723 (Author)4
Mein Heiland, gib mich mir zu kennenJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German10
Lobe den Herren, o meine Seele!Dr. Joh. Dan. Herrnschmidt (Author)German73
Lob den Herren, O ChristgemeindeJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German2
Liebster aller Lieben, Meiner Seelen RuhmJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German3
Lasst uns unsern König lobenJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German3
Kommt, ihr lieben GotteskinderJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German5
Kommt, ihr Kinder unsrer LiebeJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German10
Kommt, danket dem Helden mit freudigen ZungenJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German26
Jesu, lass doch deine LiebeJoh. Dan. Herrnschmid (Author)German2
Groß und herrlich ist der König in der FülleJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German10
Gott will's machen dass die SachenJoh. Dan. Herrnschmidt (Author)German69
Gott und Welt, und beider GliederJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German13
Er wird es tun, der fromme treue GottJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German5
Er führet hinein, er muss auch Helfer seinJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German3
Du hochgelobter Gott, Herr Himmels und der ErdenJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German2
Der alles füllt, vor dem die Tiefen zitternJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)German9
Chwalę daj Panu, o duszo mojabp Johann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)Polish2
Church, rejoice, Raise thy voiceJohann Daniel Herrnschmidt (Author)3
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