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Henry Hiles
Short Name: Henry Hiles
Full Name: Hiles, Henry, 1826-1904
Birth Year: 1826
Death Year: 1904

Born: December 31, 1826, Shrewsbury, England.
Died: October 20, 1904, Worthing, England.

Hiles was educated at Oxford (BMus 1862, DMus 1867). He played the organ at Shrewsbury, as his brother’s deputy (1846); Bishopwearmouth (1847); St. Michael’s, Wood Street (1859); the Blind Asylum, Manchester (1859); Bowden (1861); and St. Paul’s, Manchester (1863-67). He lectured in harmony and composition at Owen’s College in Manchester (1867) and Victoria University (1879), and was Professor at the Manchester College of Music (1893). He also conducted musical societies in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and owned and edited the Quarterly Music Review (1885-88). He retired in 1904, moving to Pinner, near Harrow. His works include:

Twelve Tunes to Original or Favourite Hymns, 1867
Harmony of Sounds, three editions: 1871, 1872, 1879
Wesley Tune Book, 1872 (editor)
Grammar of Music, 1879
First Lessons in Singing (Manchester: Hime & Addison, 1881)
Part Writing or Modern Counterpoint (Novello: 1884)
Harmony or Counterpoint, 1889
Harmony, Choral or Counterpun


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