Ardon A. Hollis

Short Name: Ardon A. Hollis
Full Name: Hollis, Ardon A. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Ardon A. Hollis (12)sort descendingAsInstances
A few more days on earth to stayArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
I am going to a city, when my race is run on earthArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
I am traveling on to that holy cityArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
I hear a sweet voice from far awayArdon A. Hollis (Author)4
I wandered along down sin's lonesome valleyArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
I wonder why that God so loved usArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
I'm going to a city beyond the hills of timeArdon A. Hollis (Author)4
I'm just a lonely pilgrim, with no possessionsArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
There'll be no more wars up in heavenArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
There's a home awaiting far aboveArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
When evening sun sinks in the westArdon A. Hollis (Author)3
When Jesus comes to earth againArdon A. Hollis (Author)2
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