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Edward Hopper
Short Name: Edward Hopper
Full Name: Hopper, Edward, 1816-1888
Birth Year: 1816
Death Year: 1888

Rv Edward Hopper DD USA 1816-1888. Born at New York City, the son of a merchant, he graduated from Union Theological Seminary, New York. He married Margaretta Wheeler. He was an author and poet and wrote several books. He pastored the Greenville Presbyterian Church, Sag Harbor Presbyterian Church on Long Island, and the Church of Sea and Land, NYC, a church for sailors, where he remained the rest of his life (for years the church building was shared with the First Chinese Presbyterian Church). Once he was asked to compose a hymn verse for the anniversary of the Seamen’s Friend’s Society meeting. Instead, he brought the verse for a hymn he had written eight years before (noted below). John Edgar Gould saw Hopper’s poem (6 stanzas) and composed a tune for it. Hopper died of a heart attack while writing a poem about heaven at his desk.

John Perry
Hopper, Edward, D.D., was born in 1818, and graduated at Union Theological Seminary, New York, 1842. He is pastor of the Church of Sea and Land, N. Y. He is the author of
1. Jesus, Saviour, pilot me [us]. Jesus the Pilot.
2. They pray the best who pray and watch. Watching & Prayer.
3. Wrecked and struggling in mid-ocean. Wreck & Rescue.
Of these No. 1 appeared in the Baptist Praise Book, 1871, and 2 & 3 in Hymns & Songs of Praise, N. Y., 1874.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology


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Texts by Edward Hopper (22)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إهد نفسي يا يسوعEdward Hopper (Author)Arabic1
All hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallEdward Hopper (Author)English1
All the fullness of the seaE. Hopper, D. D. (Author)2
Auf dem dunklen LebensmeerEdward Hopper (Author)German1
Cristo, mi piloto séEdward Hopper (Author)Spanish12
Guíame, oh Salvador Por las olas de temorEdward Hopper, 1818-1888 (Author)Spanish2
Iesu, e pailaka ia'uEdward Hopper, 1818-1888 (Author)Hawaiian3
Jesu, Heiland, führe duEdward Hopper (Author)German1
Jesu, Heiland, steu're du, sicher mich dem Hafen zuEdward Hopper (Author)German15
Jesus, frelser, lods du migEdward Hopper (Author)Norwegian2
Jesus, Heiland, führe duEdward Hopper (Author)German1
Jesus, Heiland, Herr mein HortEdward Hopper (Author)German1
Jesus, Heiland steure du mich dem sichern Hafen zuEdward Hopper (Author)German1
Jesus kär, min farkost styrEdward Hopper (Author)3
Jesus, Savior, pilot meEdward Hopper (Author)English1088
Jesusco, idalannacEdward Hopper (Author)Tagalog2
Lieber Heiland, führe michEdward Hopper (Author)German1
O God, we look to TheeEdward Hopper (Author)English2
O min Frälsare, mig ledEdward Hopper (Author)Swedish2
求主耶穌操我舵 (Qiú zhǔ yēsū cāo wǒ duò)Edward Hopper (Author)Chinese2
They pray the best who pray and watchRev. Edward Hopper, 1818- (Author)English13
Wrecked and struggling in mid oceanRev. E. Hopper, D.D. (Author)English4
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