Love H. Jameson

Love H. Jameson
Short Name: Love H. Jameson
Full Name: Jameson, Love Humphreys, 1811-1892
Birth Year: 1811
Death Year: 1892

Born: April 17, 1811, Jefferson County, Indiana.
Died: April 12, 1892, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Love Humphreys Jameson was born in Jefferson County in what was then the Territory of Indiana on May 17, 1811, the son of Thomas Jameson. Thomas had moved from Virginia to Kentucky around 1800 and later to the Indiana Territory in 1810 or early 1811. Thomas’s parents were members of the Calvinistic Kirk of Scotland and his wife’s parents held the views of the Church of England, but the family became Christians in 1816 with Love’s father and mother being baptized by John McClung, a young associate of Barton Warren Stone. Love, whose education was attended with all the difficulties associated with frontier life and was mostly under the tuition of his parents, was baptized in the fall of 1829 during a protracted meeting with Beverly Vawter and then preached his first sermon that same year on Dec. 25, following which he began preaching the gospel regularly.

From 1830 to 1834, Jameson taught school during the winters and made preaching trips in the summers. One of his mentors was Walter Scott, with whom he frequently travelled and worked. Moving to southern Ohio, in 1834, he, along with Scott, attended the famous debate of 1837 between Alexander Campbell and Bishop Purcell at Cincinnati, OH. In addition, he wrote frequently for Campbell’s paper, The Millennial Harbinger, in which Campbell spoke of him as the brother “whose praise is in all the churches in Indiana.” After preaching at various churches in Hamilton County, OH, Jameson worked with the church in Dayton from 1835 to 1837, when he married Elizabeth M. Clark. Also, in the closing years of B. W. Stone’s life, Jameson often accompanied the elderly preacher on his journeys. In 1840 he returned to Indiana and located at Madison, IN, the following year. His wife died of an apoplectic stroke suddenly soon afterwards, and he married Elizabeth R. Robinson in 1842, moving to Indianapolis, IN, which became his headquarters for the rest of his life.

In 1845, Jameson was asked, along with John O’Kane, to evangelize in the southwestern part of the state. Then after 1854, he made regular preaching trips into Ohio, Kentucky, Western Missouri, Illinois, New York, and even portions of New England. “There is a Habitation” was penned about 1860, with both words and original music by Jameson, but it never achieved any degree of popularity because of its slow, ponderous, torpid melody. The song as we know it was first published under the title, “O Sion, Sion,” in the New Christian Hymn and Tune Book, Part II, compiled at Cincinnati, OH, in 1882 by James Henry Fillmore. Jameson, who also provided the lyrics for “Night, With Ebon Pinion,” died ten years later, on May 1, 1892, in Indianapolis.

Texts by Love H. Jameson (27)sort descendingAsInstances
A crown of glory brightLove H. Jameson (Author)2
Angel bands are singing nowL. H. Jameson (Author)3
Angel bands in squadrons brightL. H. Jameson (Author)2
Awake, thou that sleepest; arise from the deadLove H. Jameson (Author)5
Be of good cheer, ye [you] friends of JesusLove H. Jameson (Author)13
Be up and be doing, fast passeth the dayLove H. Jameson (Author)2
Death's river is weepingLove H. Jameson (Author)2
God of each fleeting hourLove H. Jameson (Author)2
Heavy laden, sad and wearyLove H. Jameson (Author)2
I am bound for the mansions of glory on highL. H. Jameson (Author)4
In the house of my Father aboveEld. L. H. Jameson (Author)1
Night with ebon pinion brooded o'er the valeL. H. Jameson (Author)49
Now unto the eternal KingL. H. Jameson (Author)1
On the banks of the river of life, In the midst of the city of GodL. H. Jameson (Author)2
Our Father in heaven, In mercy now hear usLove H. Jameson (Author)2
Sinner, hear the call from heavenL. H. Jameson (Author)7
Sinner, hear the invitation sent in mercyL. H. Jameson (Author)12
Sinners, come to Christ, the SaviorLove H. Jameson (Author)8
The day with all its toilsLove H. Jameson (Author)2
There are mansions prepared in the skiesL. H. Jameson (Author)5
There is a habitation, built by the living GodL. H. Jameson (Author)30
There was darkness aboveL. H. Jameson (Author)2
There was joy in heavenL. H. Jameson (Author)1
There's a beautiful land far away, where no trouble or storm ever comeL. H. Jameson (Author)6
They're gathering homeward from every landLove H. Jameson (Author)4
To God the only wise, to JesusLove H. Jameson (Author)3
We are journeying home to the house of our FatherL. H. Jameson (Author)5
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