Sarah Poulton Kalley

Short Name: Sarah Poulton Kalley
Full Name: Kalley, Sarah Poulton, 1825-1907
Birth Year: 1825
Death Year: 1907

Born in Nottingaham, England in 1825. Married Scottish physician and missionary Robert Reid Kalley. Together they went to Brazil. She wrote many hymns and was instrumental in organizing Salmos e Hinos the first Brazilian evangelical hymnal in the Portuguese language, first used at Igreja Evangélica Fluminense in 1861.

Texts by Sarah Poulton Kalley (13)sort ascendingAsInstances
"Triste estás, candado e aflito, pobre e sem vigor?"Sarah Poulton Kalley (Translator)2
Teu santo livro, ó grande DeusSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
Qual o adorno desta vida? É o amor, é o amor.Sarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow (Ken)Sarah Poulton Kalley (Adapter (Portugese))1
Ouve-nos, Pastor divinoSarah Poulton Kalley (Translator)2
Ouve, a voz divina clamaSarah Poulton Kalley (Translator)1
Jesus, Pastor amado, contempla-nos aquiSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
Findou-se a luta de JesusSarah Poulton Kalley (Translator)3
Filhos da luz, que tendes salvaçãoSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
Deus nos deu mensagem santaSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
As tuas mãos dirigem meu destinoSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
Altamente os céus proclamamSarah Poulton Kalley (Author)2
A Deus, o Pai e BenfeitorSarah Poulton Kalley (Translator)2
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