C. S. Kauffman

Short Name: C. S. Kauffman
Full Name: Kauffman, C. S.

Early 20th Century

Texts by C. S. Kauffman (33)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A leper once wandering outside of the gateC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
A voice through the world is soundingC. S. K. (Author)English4
Are you shining for your Savior as the days go byC. S. K. (Author)3
Bearing the cross for JesusC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
Blue eyed violet, with your pretty headC. S. K. (Author)English4
Dear Lord, I do believeC. S. K. (Alterer)1
Do you want to have your sins washed away in Jesus' bloodC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
Fling wide the gates, O JerusalemC. S. K (Author)English19
Hail this glorious Easter morningC. S. K. (Author)3
I am trusting Jesus only, As I to the fountain goC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
I will lift mine eyes to the hills for strengthC. S. K. (Author)English2
If we will bear no pain for Jesus' sakeC. S. K. (Author)English2
In the early dawn when our Lord shall comeC. S. Kauffman (Author)2
Jesus is calling, forth to the frayC. S. K. (Author)English19
Jesus is calling, dear child, come homeC. S. K. (Author)English3
Low before Thee fallingC. S. K. (Author)English2
My heart is filled with joy today, I know that Jesus saves meC. S. Kauffman (Author)English1
My heart is filled with joy today, I'm walking in the shining wayC. S. K. (Author)English2
Only a flower, blossoming fairC. S. K. (Author)English2
Peace with God through Christ our SaviorC. S. Kauffman (Author)English3
┬┐Quieres sobre el mundo ser un vencedor?C. S. Kauffman (Author)Spanish2
Safe in the fold of heavenC. S. Kauffman (Author)2
Savior, crucified for sinnersC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
Savior, I want Thy love to knowC. S. K. (Adapter)English2
Search me, O God, and know my heart, Try every thought each dayC. S. K. (Author)English13
See the brightly shining starC. S. Kauffman (Author)English3
Since I found my Lord through His pardoning wordC. S. K. (Author)2
Since Jesus gave me pardonC. S. K. (Author)English2
Sweeter, sweeter every momentC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
There is now no condemnation in my soulC. S. Kauffman (Author)English2
Through long years I wandered on in darknessC. S. K. (Author)English2
Walking close to Jesus, ever near His sideC. S. K. (Author)2
Would you be a victor over every foeC. S. K. (Author)English22
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