Justin Heinrich Knecht

Justin Heinrich Knecht
Short Name: Justin Heinrich Knecht
Full Name: Knecht, Justin Heinrich, 1752-1817
Birth Year: 1752
Death Year: 1817

Justin Heinrich Knecht Germany 1752-1817. Born at Biberach Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, he attended a Lutheran college in Esslingen am Neckar from 1768-1771. Having learned the organ, keyboard, violin and oratory, he became a Lutheran preceptor (professor of literature) and music director in Biberach. It was a free imperial city until 1803 and had a rich cultural life. He became organist of St. Martin’s Church in 1792, used by both Lutherans and Catholics, and was there for many years. He led an energetic, busy musical life, composing for both the theatre and church, organizing subscription concerts, teaching music theory, acoustics, aesthetics, composition, and instruments at the Gymnasium, affiliated to the Musikschule in 1806. He went to Stuttgart in 1806 in hopes of a post there as Kapellmeister, serving two years as Konzertmeister, but he was appointed Direktor Beim Orchester by the King of Wurttemberg in 1807. However, he returned to his former life in 1808 and remained there the rest of his life. He died at Biberach. He wrote 10 vocals, 11 opera and stage works, one symphony, 3 chamber music instrumentals, 7 organ works, 4 piano works, and 6 music theories. He was an author composer, editor, contributor, musician, compiler, and lyricist.

John Perry

Tunes by Justin Heinrich Knecht (22)AsInstancesIncipitsort descending
HERR, DIR IST NIEMANDJustin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)1311131 43213 33234
GOTHA (Knecht)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)4311313 35325 31712
ST. HILDA (Knecht)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)37711712 22133 23427
GOTT DES HIMMELSHeinr. Knecht (Composer)212351 76567 12321
DOMINE, CLAMAVIJ. H. Knecht, 1752-1817 (Composer)612543 21712 33445
[Spirit we open up our hearts]Justin H. Knecht, 1752-1817 (Composer)113543 23471 35432
HOSANNA (Knecht)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)215346 25323 12345
INCENSE (German)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)2515364 24313 21557
[Mein Gott, das Herz ich bringe Dir] (15436)Knecht (Composer)315436 54654 32345
[Das walte Gott, der helfen kann] (Knecht)Just. Heinr. Knecht 1752-1817 (Composer)431342 17165 32176
[Ich bin in dir, und du in mir]H. Knecht (Composer)631555 17665 13555
VIENNA (Knecht)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)14632135 43671 27654
[Du Sohn des Höchsten, dessen Stärke]Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)232321 11143 13543
DU GOTT BIST ÜBER ALLEN HERRJustin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)651116 54356 66217
[Kommt, kommt den Herrn zu preisen]J. H. Knecht (Composer)251353 23225 36545
[Jehova, Jehova, Jehova] (Knecht)Knecht (Composer)351512 52316 65512
AUS GNADEN SOLL ICH SELIG WERDENJustin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)3851721 42711 762
[Mein erst Gefühl sei Preis und Dank] (Knecht)Justin H. Knecht (Composer)751766 53324 43325
[Es ist vollbracht] (Knecht)Justin Heinr. Knecht, 1752-1817 (Composer)253456 52315 55432
[Trauernd und mit bangem Sehnen]Knecht (Composer)154321 23432 34565
[Vers Jésus élevons les yeux]Justin Heinrich Knecht, 1752-1817 (Composer)255433 34321 33455
INTERCESSION (Knecht)Justin Heinrich Knecht (Composer)1051171 33211 165
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