J. Gilchrist Lawson

J. Gilchrist Lawson
Short Name: J. Gilchrist Lawson
Full Name: Lawson, J. Gilchrist, 1874-1946
Birth Year: 1874
Death Year: 1946

James Gilchrist Lawson, 1874-1946

Buried: Mount Olive Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

James Gilchrist Lawson (1874-1946) was an American evangelist and hymn writer who compiled several best-selling books of Christian biography and poetry.

Lawson’s works include:
Deeper Experiences of Famous Christians (Chicago, Illinois: Glad Tidings Publishing Company, 1911)
Did Jesus Command Immersion?, 1915
Greatest Thoughts About the Bible, 1918
Greatest Thoughts About God, 1920
The World’s Best Humorous Anecdotes, 1923
The World’s Best Conundrums and Riddles of all Ages, 1924
The World’s Best Epigrams, 1924
The "International" Christian Worker’s New Testament, 1924
The Marked Reference Bible
The Best Loved Religious Poems, 1933
Farm Animals, 1935
The Book of Dogs, 1936
Seeing America, 1936
The Christian Worker’s New Testament and Psalms
Famous Missionaries, 1941


Texts by J. Gilchrist Lawson (11)sort descendingAsInstances
Before I came to Jesus I wandered oft astrayJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)4
Far sweeter than the honey combJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)5
Hast thou, O Lord, a work to doJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)22
He is coming again with great glory and powerJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)5
Lord, I come pleading and praying to theeJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)2
O child of God, awake, ariseJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)7
O come, weary sinner, while yet there is dayJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)4
O God, my heart hath left this worldJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)2
Suffer the children to come unto me, Thus said the Master of earth and seaJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)8
Tenderly God watches o'er usJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)6
This full salvation just suits meJ. Gilchrist Lawson (Author)13
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