Ida F. Leyda

Short Name: Ida F. Leyda
Full Name: Leyda, Ida F. (Fath), 1866-1943
Birth Year: 1866
Death Year: 1943

Buried: Harrison Cemetery, Wapello, Iowa.

Leyda’s husband apparently had a publishing company in Wapello, Iowa, and (perhaps later) Chicago, Illinois. Her works include:
Junior Hymns and Carols. A Book of Hymns and Services for the Junior Department, 1911
Carols: A Book of Songs and Services for the Beginners and Primary Grades of the Sunday School, 1914
Melodies; for Children’s Voices in the Home and Sunday School (Chicago, Illinois: Leyda Publishing Company, 1916)

Texts by Ida F. Leyda (29)sort descendingAsInstances
Apples mellow, pumpkins yellowIda F. Leyda (Author)5
Birds singing in the treetopsIda F. Leyda (Author)3
Blow gently, winds blowIda F. Leyda (Author)3
Blow, winds, blow, high and lowIda F. Leyda (Author)5
Each little flower holds up its cupIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Father, hear us as we prayIda F. Leyda (Author)8
God is in his holy temple, On this holy Sabbath dayIda F. Leyda (Author)4
Happy little children, Busy all the dayIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Happy little songbirdIda F. Leyda (Author)2
I'm very glad the spring has comeIda F. Leyda (Author)1
In a far, far away countryIda F. Leyda (Author)2
In the early morning, Ere the darkness clearsIda F. Leyda (Author)2
In the early morning, Dark shadows stayIda F. Leyda (Author)13
Jesus is the children's HelperIda F. Leyda (Author)4
Jesus, our Savior, saidIda F. Leyda (Author)3
Jesus, Savior, from his home aboveIda F. Leyda (Author)3
Just a little babyIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Little cloud up in the skyIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Long ago the glorious Christmas starIda F. Leyda (Author)4
Safe and sound in the groundIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Springtime tells of Easter gloryIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Thank you, Father, from aboveIda F. Leyda (Author)4
The bright blue sky and sunshineIda F. Leyda (Author)2
The loving Father of us allIda F. Leyda (Author)3
'Twas on the hills of JudahIda F. Leyda (Author)2
Violet with cap of blueIda F. Leyda (Author)2
We have so much to thank TheeIda F. Leyda (Author)2
We love the heavenly FatherIda F. Leyda (Author)5
Wishes true we bring youIda F. Leyda (Author)3
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