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Swee-Hong Lim
Short Name: Swee-Hong Lim
Full Name: Lim, Swee-Hong
Birth Year: 1963

Dr. Swee Hong Lim is the Deer Park Assistant Professor of Sacred Music at Emmanuel College, and the Director of the Master of Sacred Music Program. He also serves as Director of the Chapel for the worship life of Emmanuel College. Before joining Emmanuel on July 1, 2012, Dr. Lim served as an Assistant Professor of Church Music at Baylor University. Prior to his work at Baylor, he served as a Lecturer of Worship, Liturgy, and Music at Trinity Theological College in Singapore.

Swee Hong is widely utilized as a leader for global seminars and conferences dealing with sacred music. He currently serves as the Co-Moderator of the Worship Committee for the 10th General Assembly of the World Council of Churches for its meeting in Busan, South Korea (2013), and also served as a member of the Worship Planning Committee for the 2011 Ecumenical Peace Convocation sponsored by the World Council held in Jamaica. From 2008-2010, he chaired the Board of Worship and Music for the Trinity Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore.

Swee Hong holds a PhD in Liturgical Studies from Drew University, where his dissertation won the Helen LePage and William Hale Chamberlain Prize for Outstanding Dissertation. He also holds a Master of Arts in Sacred Music from Perkins School of Theology. He completed his undergraduate work in Church Music at the Asian Institute for Liturgy and Music in the Philippines. Swee Hong is well-published in global music, with his monograph, Giving Voice to Asian Christians, especially known among global musicians. He is also a prolific composer of hymnody.

From: http://www.emmanuel.utoronto.ca/about/faculty/lim.htm, 24 June 2014.

Tunes by Swee-Hong Lim (27)sort iconAsInstances
AI HUSwee Hong Lim (Composer)3
AIKALim Swee Hong (Composer)2
ASASSwee Hong Lim (Composer)2
BUSANSwee Hong Lim (Composer)2
CAIRDELim Swee Hong (Composer)2
CARTERET ISLANDSLim Swee Hong (Composer)2
CHU LEUNGSwee Hong Lim (Composer)4
DI MANA ALLAHLim Swee Hong (Composer)2
EIRENE (Lim)Lim Swee Hong (Composer)2
FORGET-ME-NOTLim Swee Hong (Composer)2
GIFT OF GRACESwee Hong Lim (Composer)2
[How tranquil, how calm is the night]Lim Swee Hong (Composer)2
HUACO Swee Hong Lim (Composer)2
LIANHUALim Swee Hong (Composer)2
[Lord, have mercy] (Lim)Swee Hong Lim (Composer)2
MAILim Swee Hong (Composer)2
MENEBUSSwee Hong Lim (Composer)2
[Our Father in heaven] (Lim)Swee Hong Lim (Composer)2
QI WANGLim Swee Hong (Composer)2
ROMATALim Swee Hong (Composer)2
SHUANGXILim Swee Hong (Composer)2
[Sing with a tuneful spirit]Lim Swee Hong (Composer)2
SINGAPURASwee Hong Lim (Composer)5
SOON TISwee Hong Lim (Composer)7
WAIRUA TAPUSwee Hong Lim (Composer)2
XIN LAILim Swee Hong (Composer)2
YINCÁNGLim Swee Hong (Composer)2

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