Ambrose Lobwasser

Short Name: Ambrose Lobwasser
Full Name: Lobwasser, Ambrosius, 1515-1585
Birth Year: 1515
Death Year: 1585

Lobwasser, Ambrosius, son of Fabian Lobwasser, inspector of mines at Schneeberg, Saxony, was born at Schneeberg, April 4, 1515. After studying law at Leipzig (M.A. 1535) he remained there as University tutor until 1550. After acting as travelling tutor, he was appointed in 1557 Rath and Chancellor at Meissen, and in 1562 made a tour in Italy, and received the degree of LL.D. from the University of Bologna. He was finally appointed in 1563 by Duke Albrecht of Prussia as professor of law and assessor at the High Court of Justice at Königsberg. He died at Königsberg Nov. 27, 1585 (Koch, ii. 394-401, &c).

His principal poetical work was his version of the Psalter. One has passed into English in recent times, viz:
Ihr Knecht des Herren all zugleich. [Ps. cxxxiv.] The original is Beza's version of the Psalm, "Or sus, serviteurs de Seigneur," which first appeared in his Trente-quatre pseaumes de David, Geneva, 1551. Lobwasser's version is in his Psalter dess Königlichen Propheten Dauids, Leipzig, 1573 (not paged), in 3 st. of 4 1., entitled “He encourages the people to fulfil their calling diligently, and assures them that God will grant them His grace." Translated as :—
Ye servants of the Lord, who stand. In full, by Miss Winkworth, as No. 88 in her Chorale Book for England, 1863, and set to the original melody of 1551.

[Rev. James Mearns, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

Texts by Ambrose Lobwasser (21)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
Christus der sich vom Himmel herabAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)1
Den, som mig føder, det er Gud min HerreLobwasser (Translator)Norwegian5
Du wollest dein Gericht, HerrAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)5
Du Wort, hoch aus des Himmels ThronAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)1
Ein laute Stimm vom Himmel klingtAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)1
Gott segne uns durch seine GueteAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)5
Herr Gott, nach deiner grossen guetigkeitAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)9
Ihr Knecht' des Herren allzugleichAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)31
Ihr Voelker auf der Erden allAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)18
Jeg raaber fast, o HerreAmbrosius Lobwasser (Translator (German))Norwegian3
O hoechster gott o unser lieber [liebster] herreAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)7
Såsom hjorten träget längtarA. Lobwasser (Translator)Swedish2
Till dig af hjertans grundeAbr. Lobwasser (Translator)Swedish2
Was uns etwan die heiligen ProphetenAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)1
Wie nach einer WasserquelleAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)11
Worauf ist doch der Heiden tun gestelltAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)German2
Ye servants of the Lord, who standAmbrose Lobwasser (Author)English2
Zu Dir, o hoechster Gott, mein AngesichtAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)2
Zu Dir von Herzengrunde, ruf ich aud tieferAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)1
Zu Dir von Herzengrunde, ruf ich auf tieferAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)2
Zu Dir von Herzengrunde, ruf ich aus tieferAmbrosius Lobwasser (Author)14
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