Frederick Alexander Mann

Short Name: Frederick Alexander Mann
Full Name: Mann, Frederick Alexander, 1844-1903
Birth Year: 1844
Death Year: 1903

See his obituary in The Musical Herald, May 1, 1903. The hymnal Hymns of Prayer and Praise (1921) confirms these birth and death dates, in addition to his composing hymn tunes as listed here.

Not to be confused with Frederick Mann, 1846-1928.

--Tina Schneider, 01 July 2014.


Mr. F. A. Mann was the musical director of the children’s Home at Victoria Park. He possessed a find conception for music; he gave a “reading” and interpretation to everything he touched, even to a children’s hymn. He composed but little; probably his reserve in this respect was due to his high ideals and his reverence for the great masters.
For nineteen years F. A. Mann practiced the musical profession at Lowestoft. Here he was organist successively of the Parish Church of St. Margaret, and of the church at Kirkley. His power as a choir-trainer was soon discovered by other churches, including nonconformists, and by the help of deputies he managed to train three or four choirs abreast.
For fourteen years he devoted himself to training the choir of children belonging to the Children’s Home. Mr. Mann understood children; his poetic musical instinct drew forth their powers; he interested them and they needed no spur.

Excerpt from The Musical Herald, Issues 658-669 (1903)
By John Spencer Curwen

Tunes by Frederick Alexander Mann (6)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
LOWESTOFTFrederick Alexander Mann (Composer)616513 42167 15332
NEW YEAR (Mann)F. A. Mann (Composer)1956532 15321 2
OUR FATHER'S VOICEF. A. Mann (Composer)517217 65357 21765
ST. MARGARET (Mann)F. A. Mann (Composer)351332 11765 56717
VESPER (Mann)Frederick A. Mann, ? (Composer)453535 33542 36446
WOLVERHAMPTON (Mann)F. A. Mann (Composer)255555 67117 76654
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