Jacob Martin

Short Name: Jacob Martin
Full Name: Martin, Jacob, Mrs.
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Texts by Jacob Martin (20)sort descendingAsInstances
Bosomed in the valleys of fragranceJacob Martin (Author)2
Do not grieve that she is takenJacob Martin (Author)2
Drops in the ocean, are all our tearsJacob Martin (Author)2
I know 'tis but a simple flowerJacob Martin (Author)2
I read all those lettersJacob Martin (Author)2
I stand outside of your heart, dearestJacob Martin (Author)2
In the quiet orchard Where the blue grass growsJacob Martin (Author)2
It takes no courage to run in a rutJacob Martin (Author)2
It's voice rings out, and autumn mildJacob Martin (Author)2
My darling is coming to see meJacob Martin (Author)2
No little white gown to put on tonightJacob Martin (Author)2
O why should we moanJacob Martin (Author)2
Rest my head upon your heart, dearJacob Martin (Author)2
Stand up for the right, though you stand aloneJacob Martin (Author)2
The new year's youth time is blooming nowJacob Martin (Author)2
Thou friend of every climeJacob Martin (Author)2
Though it lead o'er rock and mountainJacob Martin (Author)2
Where the skies are bright and clearJacob Martin (Author)2
With a forest of green around itJacob Martin (Author)2
Years steal on with noiseless footstepJacob Martin (Author)2
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