Edgar C. Mason

Edgar C. Mason
Short Name: Edgar C. Mason
Full Name: Mason, Edgar Cooper, 1864-1935
Birth Year: 1864
Death Year: 1935

Born: January 29, 1864, Jonesborough, Tennessee.
Died: March 22, 1935, South River, New Jersey.
Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Texts by Edgar C. Mason (9)sort descendingAsInstances
Amid the world of restless heatEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
God is moving on the worldEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
I do not ask the Lord for sight or feelingEdgar C. Mason (Author)3
I have found the dear Lord so trueEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
I would have a brother's loveEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
Make me humble, O my SaviorEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
Spirit of life and light Shine through this weary nightEdgar C. Mason (Author)2
When faith trusts loveEdgar Cooper Mason (Author)2
While the evening shadows fallEdgar C. Mason (Author)3
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