I. H. Meredith

I. H. Meredith
Short Name: I. H. Meredith
Full Name: Meredith, I. H.
Birth Year: 1872
Death Year: 1962

Charles C. Ack­ley (tak­en from his wife’s name, Cla­ris­sa Ack­ley Cow­an)
Broughton Ed­wards
Floyd En­gle (from his ad­dress on Floyd Street in En­gle­wood Cliffs, New Jer­sey)
Arthur Grant­ley
Bruce Ken­ne­dy

See also Ackley, Chas. C. 1872-1962
See also Edwards, Broughton

Texts by I. H. Meredith (34)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
A little prayer I raise to TheeI. H. M. (Author)English2
All the world today is ringingI. H. Meredith (Author)English1
Beautiful story of EasterI. H. Meredith (Author)2
Behold, I stand at the door and knock, Such love, O, can it beI. H. M. (Author)English2
Come, O come while Christ is callingI. H. M. (Author)English2
Death for us has lost its stingI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
Espíritu de Cristo, Lléname de tu amorI. H. Meredith (Author)Spanish2
Father, hear the prayer we makeI. H. M. (Author)English2
Father in mercy Let Thy blessing fallI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
Hail, mighty Victor, Behold He comes from out the graveI. H. Meredith (Author)English3
Heavenly Father, from Thy throne aboveIsaac H. Meredith (Author)English1
Heavenly Father, God of love, Hear and answerI. H. M. (Author)English2
I know God loves meI. H. Meredith (Author)3
In the steps of Jesus I will followI. H. M. (Author)English2
Incline Thine ear, O God of loveI. H. M. (Author)English1
Jesus, Jesus, Ever blessed SaviorIsaac H. Meredith (Author)English2
Joyful I sing as I journey each dayI. H. M. (Author)English6
Little branches of the vine, Blessed Savior, we are ThineI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
Llena, oh Santo EspírituIsaac H. Meredith (Author)Spanish3
More like my Savior I would ever beIsaac H. Meredith (Author)English1
More, more like Jesus I would ever grow (Chorus)I. H. Meredith (Author)English1
O God in mercy hear us as we callI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
O hear our prayer and answer makeI. H. M. (Author)English2
O heavenly Father, Hear we entreatIsaac H. Meredith (Author)English1
O little town of BethlehemI. H. M. (Author (Chorus))English1
O Thou Who gavest all for meI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
O how dark the night that wrapt my spirit round!I. H. M. (Author)English7
¡Oh, Santo Paracleto! Isaac H. Meredith (Author)Spanish3
On Christ the sure foundationI. H. M. (Author (Chorus))English1
Seal us, O Holy Spirit, grant us Thine impress, we prayI. H. M. (Author)English26
The bells of hope are ringingI. H. Meredith (Author)3
Thou who gavest Thine all for meI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
We are little helpers in the Master's workI. H. Meredith (Author)English2
What a fellowship is oursI. H. Meredith (Author)English2

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