Lucy Rider Meyer

Short Name: Lucy Rider Meyer
Full Name: Meyer, Lucy Rider, 1849-1922
Birth Year: 1849
Death Year: 1922 does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Lucy Rider Meyer (18)sort descendingAsInstances
Another day for JesusL. R. M. (Author)2
Ho, everyone that is thirsty in spiritLucy J. Rider (Author)30
Day by day, the glorious sunMiss Lucy J. Rider (Author)1
Give all you can, dear friendLucy Rider Meyer (Author)2
Goodbye, goodbye, and God bless youLucy Rider Meyer (Author)2
He was not willing that any should perish; Jesus enthroned in the glory aboveLucy Rider Meyer (Author)38
I think the little birds that singLucy Rider Meyer (Author)3
I was lost but Jesus sought meLucy Rider Meyer (Author)2
I will follow, follow Jesus every dayL. R. M. (Author)2
I've a dear Savior, ready to listenLucy Rider Meyer (Author)1
Lord, I believe the soul that to thy keepingM. S. J. (Author)3
O Homeland! O Homeland!Lucy Jane Rider Meyer, 1849-1922 (Author)2
O matchless, marvelous grace of GodLucy J. Rider (Author)1
O watchah, what you see ovah yondahLucy Rider Meyer (Author)4
Sig kun et ord for din herre og din GudL. R. M. (Author)2
Speak just a word for your Master and your LordL. R. M. (Author)3
We are children of a King, Heavenly King, Heavenly KingL. J. R. (Author)10
Why wilt thou not relentLucy J. Rider (Author)1

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