Ella E. Miles

Short Name: Ella E. Miles
Full Name: Miles, Ella Elizabeth, 1855-1914
Birth Year: 1855
Death Year: 1914

Miles, Ella Elizabeth. (Athol, Massachusetts, March 24, 1855--December 29, 1914, Holden, Mass.) Advent Christian. Daughter of W.W. Boyden and wife of James A. Miles, she began writing poems and hymns at the age of fifteen. Many of them appeared in early hymn books of her church.

--Moses C. Crouse, DNAH Archives

Texts by Ella E. Miles (28)sort ascendingAsInstances
Where are they goingMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
When dark clouds the stars obscureElla E. Miles (Author)2
What stands between thee and thy Savior todayElla E. Miles (Author)3
Wearied, when the night shades gatherElla E. Miles (Author)3
We are soldiers fighting for our LordMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
There is no one so friendlessMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
Take it all to JesusElla E. Miles (Author)3
Spread the good news of salvationElla E. Miles (Author)3
Sing, all ye angels in gloryMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
Silver and gold would not availElla E. Miles (Author)3
Perfect love, a heart overflowingElla E. Miles (Author)3
Once the way seemed dark and drearElla E. Miles (Author)3
O wondrous gift, O matchless loveElla E. Miles (Author)3
Not far away it liethMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)3
No one, my Lord, like theeElla E. Miles (Author)3
Mortal this life, in death it endsElla E. Miles (Author)2
List to the voice that is calling todayElla E. Miles (Author)3
Life is not all a dreary roadMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
Just now, O Lord, we need TheeElla E. Miles (Author)5
Jesu, keep me day by dayMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
In the sunshine of his love, O how precious 'tis to beElla E. Miles (Author)4
In the secret placeMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)2
How far, how far to the city of goldMrs. E. E. Miles (Author)9
He cares for me, he knows my heart's distressElla E. Miles (Author)3
Fill us with thy Holy SpiritElla E. Miles (Author)3
Death is man's earthly heritageElla E. Miles (Author)2
Come unto me, thou sin sick weary oneElla E. Miles (Author)4
A present help, when lowering clouds grow darkElla E. Miles (Author)3
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