Priscilla Jane Owens

Short Name: Priscilla Jane Owens
Full Name: Owens, Priscilla J., 1829-1907
Birth Year: 1829
Death Year: 1907

Owens, Priscilla Jane, was born July 21, 1829, of Scotch and Welsh descent, and is now (1906) resident at Baltimore, where she is engaged in public-school work. For 50 years Miss Owen has interested herself in Sunday-school work, and most of her hymns were written for children's services. Her hymn in the Scotch Church Hymnary, 1898, "We have heard a joyful sound" (Missions), was written for a Sunday-school Mission Anniversary, and the words were adapted to the chorus "Vive le Roi" in the opera The Huguenots. [Rev. James Bonar, M.A.]

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix II (1907)


Owens, Priscilla Jane. (July 21, 1829--December 5, 1907). Of Scottish and Welsh ancestry, she spent her entire life in Baltimore. She was a public school teacher there for 49 years. She was a member of the Union Square Methodist Church and took particular interest in its Sunday School.

Her literary efforts, both in prose and poetry, appeared in such religious periodicals as the Methodist Protestant and the Christian Standard.

--William J. Reynolds, DNAH Archives

Texts by Priscilla Jane Owens (255)sort descendingAsAuthority LanguagesInstances
إسمعوا بشرى الظفرPriscilla Jane Owens (Author)Arabic1
A ransomed soul returnsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
A star has risen the world to blessPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Above the day's decliningPriscilla Owens (Author)4
Above the songs of heavenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Above the storms of earthPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Are you Christ's light bearerPriscilla J. Owens (Author)17
As the dove o'er the deluge of watersMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
As we travel on from day to dayMiss P. J. Owens (Author)6
At the hand of Jesus his saints are ever foundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Banner dyed with royal bloodPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Be of good cheer, the night is darkPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Blest leaves of healing, o'er the nationsMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Break the chainPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Brightly glowing, joy bestowingMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Bring the children from afarMiss P. J. Owens (Author)3
Calm and blest be thy restPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Children let us join and singMrs. P. J. Owens (Author)4
Choose you this day, O careless heartPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Christ has come! Christ has comePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Christ, our King, is born todayPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Come back to thy Shepherd, poor, wondering lambPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Come, come, come, let us sing the love of JesusMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Come join our gallant ranks, my boysPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Counting your treasure God's bounty to measurePriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Cuando sopla airada la tempestadPriscilla Owens (Author)Spanish2
Death bells tolling, tolling, tollingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)10
Distant lands are waiting nowPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Do not take away our SabbathPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Does Jesus bless the children nowP. J. Owens (Author)1
Earnestly living, prayerfully givingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Easter dawns in gladnessPriscilla Jane Owens, 1829-1907 (Author)3
Eternity is dawningMrs. P. J. Owens (Author)3
Evermore fly the momentsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Every day my soul is happyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)8
Faith builds her foundationPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Faithful forever, faithful foreverPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Freemen and friends, here is work to doPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Froejdebudet har dig nattPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
From distant lands appealingMiss P. J. Owens (Author)6
From the harps that swell by life's crystal riverPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Gallant and glorious, marching afarPriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
Gather and band for the rightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Gathering lilies in the morningPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Gib mir die Bibel, Stern, der immer leuchtetPriscilla J. Owens (Author)German1
Gibt dir Jesu Gnade Licht auf deinem PfadePriscilla J. Owens (Author)German1
Give glory to Jesus, who lives and reignsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Give me the Bible, for I need its living promisePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Give me the Bible, star of gladness gleamingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)35
Glad as the morning swiftly as the lightMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Glad as the morning, swift as the lightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)9
Glad today, a thousand songs are ringingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Go, tell the nations, Christ is KingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
Go up higher, Christian soulPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
God bless our Sabbath SchoolPriscilla J. Owens (Author)6
God in his mercy our time doth renewPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
God is love, God is love, God is love, Heaven and earth proclaimPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Golden gates, ye glistenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Grace be with all that love Jesus our LordPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Growing up for Jesus, we are truly blestP. J. Owens (Author)English22
Hätt' ich in Bethlehem geweiltPriscilla Owens (Author)German1
Habt erfahren ihr das WortPriscilla Jane Owens (Author)German2
Hallelujah to Jesus, his praise let us singPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Happy pilgrims, as you journeyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Have ye seen the star that was bright abovePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Have you poverty and sorrowPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Have you something good to tell usPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
He that goeth forth and weepsMiss P. J. Owens (Author)5
Hear our earnest invitationPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Hear the angels sing above the starry nightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Hear the earnest invitationPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Hear the welcome bells of heavenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
Here's a pledge we offer to each faithful heart and handPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
H'lt dein Anker fest, wenn aus Wolken schwerPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Hold up hands, loving bandsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)English2
Holy river tide of gladnessPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Homeward boundPriscilla Owens (Author)2
Homeward bound, homeward bound, with the restless waves aroundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
How goes the battle, brotherPriscilla J. Owens (Author)9
How much owest thou unto thy Lord? Look o'er the account and seePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
How sweet and fair is the summer landMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
How sweet in childhood's gladsome springPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I am satisfied, my SaviorPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I heard a voice, a mighty voiceMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
I look to the glory beyondPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I love to be found when the Sabbath rolls roundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
I need a present SaviorPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I wandered in darkness, forsaken, alonePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
I will bless the Lord at all times For His goodness unto mePriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
I would ask for one giftPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I would be a Christmas bellPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I'll bless thee every day, O LordPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
I'm going home to heaven, bright heavenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
I'm not afraid to trust in JesusPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
In my soul is the benedictionPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
In storms of fear and floodsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
In the Sunday school army our names are enrolledMiss P. J. Owens (Author)8
Is that a cry from a storm-tossed barkPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
It is not that the city is glorious Priscilla J. Owens (Author)1
Jesus is the children's Friend, Happy little workers, wePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Jesus listened to children's singingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Jesus, only Jesus, makes my heart rejoicePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Jewel gatherers for a crownPriscilla J. Owens (Author)12
Joy, joy, joy, wonderful joyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Keep looking unto Jesus as we march alongPriscilla J. Owens (Author)8
Keep me, Lord, not from trialPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Kommt, der Freudenbotschaft lauschtPriscilla J. Owens (Author)German8
Laughing on the mountains, smiling in the flowersPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Learn of Jesus, teacher, kneelingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Let us praise our God with grateful heart and voicePriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
Let us sing ere we restPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Lifeguards, lifeguardsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Lift our standard trueMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Lift thine eyes Unto the hillsMiss P. J. Owens (Author)9
Lift your standard tre and brightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Little children, come to me (Owens)Priscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Little flower bells, ring, ringPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Living for Jesus living for JesusPriscilla Owens (Author)5
Living or dying, Lord I am thineMiss P. J. Owens (Author)4
Look away from thyselfPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Look out for the enemy comrades allPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Low at thy mercy seat I pleadPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Make a garland for the SaviourMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Make thy choice in early youthPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Many gifts our Lord has givenMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Marching on against the foePriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Meet me at the King's right handPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
My Father has sent for his childPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
My grace is sufficient for thee, I sing the sweet words o'er and o'erPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
My light and my strengthPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
My pilgrim path from day to dayPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
My soul, hope always in thy GodPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
My soul shall make her joyful boastPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
My soul would tell of the Savior's lovePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Now all the songs are endedPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Now boys, attend, should miscalled friendPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Now, where shall bread enough bePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O Christ our Lord, 'twas a night of tearsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O, detain me not, ye many loved ones clingingMiss P. J. Owens (Author)3
O, faithful veteransPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O Jesus, to live only thinePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O Lord, on thee the nations waitPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
O pilgrim on life's desertPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
O ransomed hosts, whom God has sent Miss P. J. Owen (Author)2
O tell me not to pausePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O the hearts are cold and the hands are slowPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
O the peace that fills my soulPriscilla J. Owens (Author)21
O the rainbow landPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
O turn not back in the Christian racePriscilla J. Owens (Author)6
O watching stars, rejoice tonightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
On Calvary's mountain, Christ, the spotless victim diesMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Once more, once more with gladsomePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Once more the waves of timePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
One name shall echoPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Only a cup of water, 'twas all I had to givePriscilla J. Owens (Author)English2
Only thy voice to lead mePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Our heavenly habitationPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Que alicerce tendes pra construirPriscilla J. Owens (Author)Portuguese2
Ranged against rum tyrantsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Reject not the Master, he calls youPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Remember the years at God's right handPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Rise up, glad voicesPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Satisfy us earlyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Say, what theme of rapture sweetMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Say, who are those little feetPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
See the flag of Jesus, over the earth unfurledPriscilla J. Owens (Author)11
See, the sun is high in heavenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)6
Set the watch, trim the lampsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Shall we overcome on life's battle fieldPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Shine, Christian, shine, there's darknessPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Soldiers of Jesus, speak for your LordPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Soldiers of Jesus, who follow his standardPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Sons of Zion, pressing onwardPriscilla Owens (Author)3
Sound the trumpets, to the chargePriscilla Owens (Author)3
Speak a good word for the MasterPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Speed on, speed on, thou mission barkMiss P. J. Owens (Author)3
Stand fast, stand fastPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Star of the pilot, beautiful angelPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Steersman, steersman, the channel's rough and darkPriscilla Owens (Author)11
Stop, stop the train, I see aheadPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Sweet is the name of my LordPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Take the Bible, teacherPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Take the sure foundationPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Take this watchword for each dayPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Take up the cross in youthPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Thank God, and take courage, though roughPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
The battles now are endedPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The busy week is pastMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
The Christ is found, we've waited longPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
The Christmas chimes awake the mornPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The city of refuge awaits theePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The heathen are weepingPriscilla Owens (Author)2
The kingdom of Christ shall spread and growPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
"The Redeemer shall come to Zion!" Priscilla J Owens (Author)2
ReadingsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)English, Spanish4
The Savior was sleepingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The waves roll high the cloudsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The whole wide world for Jesus Jesus for all the worldPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
The world was like a stormy nightPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
There is joy, there is joy, there is joy in heavenPriscilla J. Owens (Author)5
There rolled through time a mighty voicePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
There's a lovely harbor of peace and restPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
This our constant motto be, Work and prayPriscilla J. Owens (Author)6
This world's a field of battlePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Though the days be dark and drearyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
To my youth came a voicePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Todos los que tengan sedPriscilla Owens (Author)Spanish2
Turn thy steps from earth'sPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Un anela tenemos--Que el túmido marPriscilla J. Owens (Author)Spanish2
Vi har hørt en fryd'fuld lydPriscilla J. Owens (Author)Norwegian2
Victorious, victorious, ChristPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Voices of gladness join in the strainMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Waves of life so freely flowingMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Waving green branches in joyous accordPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We are cheerful workersPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We are going home to glory (Owens)Priscilla J. Owens (Author)5
We are little blossoms, breathing praise and prayerPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
We are not redeemed with vain silver and goldPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
We dwell in a fleeting, changing climePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We have a present SaviorPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We have heard of a Monarch who laid by His crownPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We have heard salvation's joyful soundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We have heard the joyful soundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)English449
We need not wander wideMiss P. J. Owens (Author)3
We will lift the holy bannerPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
We would see Jesus, the gentiles camePriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
Welcome Sabbath morning, welcome day of restMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Welcome, thrice welcome, cherished friendsPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
We're a band of busy gleanersPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
We're marching to Mount ZionPriscilla J. Owens (Author)7
What a hope we have! It is strong and surePriscilla J. Owens (Author)6
What armor must he wearPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
What did the angel [angels] say, hymningPriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
What is the crown that saints shall wearPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
What towers are those that risePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
What wilt thou do when the JordanPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Whatever sorrows grieve theePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
When enemies invade, to Jesus I will fleePriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
When round thee, soul, temptations risePriscilla J. Owens (Author)4
When sailing over time's restless seaP. J. Owens (Author)6
When shall each distant nationMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
While thy cheeks with health arePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Who left for us a thronePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Who left us for a thronePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Who shall roll away the stonePriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Why are children singingPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Will your anchor hold in the storms of lifePriscilla J. Owens (Author)English86
With a world of foes aroundPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Would I had been at BethlehemPriscilla Owens (Author)5
Would you precious treasure gainPriscilla Jane Owens (Author)3
Wouldst thou have joyPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2
Youth is a happy springPriscilla J. Owens (Author)3
Youth, remember thy CreatorMiss P. J. Owens (Author)3
Youthful volunteers, truth her standard rearsMiss P. J. Owens (Author)2
Zion need not fear though many foes await herPriscilla J. Owens (Author)2

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