Harriet Cecilia Phillips

Short Name: Harriet Cecilia Phillips
Full Name: Phillips, Harriet Cecilia, 1806-1884
Birth Year: 1806
Death Year: 1884

Phillips, Harriet Cecilia, was born in Sharon, Connecticut, in 1806, and was for many years an active worker in Sunday Schools in New York city. She contributed five hymns to the Rev. W. C. Hoyt's Family and Social Melodies, 1853, and has also written for various magazines. "We bring no glittering treasures" (Sunday School Anniversary), was written circa 1848 for a Sunday School Festival in New York city, and published in the Methodist Episcopal Hymns, 1849 (Nutter's Hymn Notes, 1884, p. 31l).

--John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology, Appendix, Part II (1907)

Texts by Harriet Cecilia Phillips (7)sort descendingAsInstances
Earth is beautiful and fairHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)4
Hear, Father, hear the strainsHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)2
How blest the Sabbath evening timeHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)2
O how sweet, friends to meetHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)2
The dearest gift of heavenHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)2
There is a home, a home fadeless and brightHarriet Cecilia Phillips (Author)4
We bring no glittering treasures, no gemsPhillips (Author)84
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