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Short Name: Larry Phillips
Full Name: Phillips, Larry, 1948-
Birth Year: 1948 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[And away by the waters so blue]Larry Phillips (Arranger)255111 23216 55111
[Ne szállj perbe én velem]Larry Phillips, 1948- (Harmonizer)111517 65175 43211
INITIALSLarry Phillips, 1948- (Composer)251124 34531 65513
[Little David was a shepherd boy]Larry Phillips (Composer)133131 16512 35653
COVENTRY CAROLLarry Phillips (Composer)111713 21712 34215
[Now old man Noah built the ark] (11653)Larry Phillips (Arranger)111653 23211 65443
[Oh, a roacka my soul, in the bosom of Abraham]Larry Phillips (Arranger)232323 11131 35433
[Oh, the people of Babel came down to town]Larry Phillips (Arranger)255116 55434 55511
[One morning when Pharaoh woke in his bed]Larry Phillips (Arranger)215111 17222 22522
[Pass the crown from me to you to you]Larry Phillips (Composer)233321 65655 42756
SIGISMUND (17123)Larry Phillips (estadounidense, n. 1948) (Harmonizer)317123 23455 32132
GO DOWN MOSESLarry Phillips (Composer)153322 33155 771
[Who did, who did, who did swallow Jonah, Jonah]Larry Phillips (Arranger)111551 15511 32176
[You may talk about the men of Gideon]Larry Phillips (Arranger)117123 23455 54445
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