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Short Name: Alan Price
Full Name: Price, Alan, 1942-
Birth Year: 1942 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[Be the center of my life, Lord Jesus]Alan J. Price (Composer)3
[God is good, God is great]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
GOD SPEAKSCaptain Alan Price (Composer)2
[I'm gonna click, click click]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[Isn't it good to be together]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[Thank you, Lord, for the things I can see]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[There is so much to discover]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[Things we've done and things we've said]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[Tick tock, tick tock]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[We praise God in the morning when the sun is bright]Captain Alan Price (Composer)2
[We're a bright light together]Alan J. Price (Composer)2
[When the time is right]Alan J. Price (Composer)2

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