Vana R. Raye

Short Name: Vana R. Raye
Full Name: Raye, Vana R. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Vana R. Raye (36)sort descendingAsInstances
A manger bed, a precious babeVana R. Raye (Author)3
Dear Lord, my life and time are thineVana R. Raye (Author)2
For the morrow and its needVana R. Raye (Author)2
God's family is his church divineVana R. Raye (Author)3
Heaven's kingdom, bathed in gloryVana R. Raye (Author)2
Here am I, just a childVana R. Raye (Author)2
I am so glad to praise the LordVana R. Raye (Author)2
I know every idle word has its rewardVana R. Raye (Author)2
I need thee, Lord JesusVana R. Raye (Author)2
I would be a ray of sunshineVana R. Raye (Author)3
I would be completely thine, Lord and KingVana R. Raye (Author)2
I would be holy, holy, holyVana R. Raye (Author)2
Jesus, Friend of children, ever be a friendVana R. Raye (Author)3
Little hands, just be at easeVana R. Raye (Author)2
Lord of earth, of sea and heavenVana R. Raye (Author)2
O Lord, hear my plea, I've wanderedVana R. Raye (Author)2
O Lord our God, when we survey the heavensVana R. Raye (Author)2
Savior, Thou callest and oftenVana R. Raye (Author)2
Savior, to Thee we humbly bowVana R. Raye (Author)2
Someone by faith has been born againVana R. Raye (Author)2
The church has one foundation, Himself the cornerstoneVana R. Raye (Author)2
The prayer of Jesus, with eyes upliftedVana R. Raye (Author)3
The world has lost the right of prayerVana R. Raye (Author)3
There's a place for every willing creatureVana R. Raye (Author)3
These are perilous timesVana R. Raye (Author)2
Though the storm clouds rise about usVana R. Raye (Author)2
'Tis set, the feast divineVana R. Raye (Author)2
Walking alone in the eveningVana R. Raye (Author)2
We assemble here to worshipVana R. Raye (Author)2
Whatsoever is honestVana R. Raye (Author)2
When I consider how my earthly fightVana R. Raye (Author)2
When the departure for worlds unknownVana R. Raye (Author)2
When the sun of my life has gone downVana R. Raye (Author)2
Where livest thou, in pleasures of the worldVana R. Raye (Author)2
Why did the Savior heaven leaveVana R. Raye (Author)2
Why will you keep on robbing God of your soulVana R. Raye (Author)2
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