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Short Name: Alexander Robert Reinagle
Full Name: Reinagle, Alexander Robert, 1799-1877
Birth Year: 1799
Death Year: 1877

Alexander Robert Reinagle United Kingdom 1799-1877. Born at Brighton, Sussex, England, gf Austrian descent, he came from a family of musicians, studying music with his father (a cellist), then with Raynor Taylor in Edinburgh, Scotland. Reinagle became a well-known organ teacher. He became organist at St Peter’s Church, Oxford (1823-1853). He was also a theatre musician. He wrote Teaching manuals for stringed instruments as well. He also compiled books of hymn tunes, one in 1830: “Psalm tunes for the voice and the pianoforte”, the other in 1840: “A collection of Psalm and hymn tunes”. He also composed waltzes. In 1846 he married Caroline Orger, a pianist, composer, and writer in her own right. No information found regarding children. In the 1860s he was active in Oxford music-making and worked with organist, John Stainer, then organist at Magdalen College. Reinagle also composed a piano sonata and some church music. At retirement he moved to Kidlington, Oxfordshire, England. He died at Kidlington.

John Perry

Tunes by Alexander Robert Reinagle (9)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
BEATI IMMACULATIAlexander Robert Reinagle (Composer)1555132 16543 21325
BEN RHYDDINGAlexander Robert Reinagle (Composer)1613456 71763 543
CHRISTI GRATIA (Reinagle)Alexander Robert Reinagle (Composer)532165 44332 45765
ELLESMERE (Reinagle)Alexander Robert Reinagle (Composer)832142 17133 34654
MOCCASA. R. Reinagle (Composer)1117124 55655 43344
LEIGH (Reinagle)Alexander Robert Reinagle (Composer)633216 54335 365
[Chant] (Reinagle 33216)Reinagle (Composer)233216 71443
[Chant] (Reinagle 54326)A. R. Reinagle, 1799-1877 (Composer)1054326 54321
ST. PETER (Reinagle)Alexander R. Reinagle (Composer)63551765 54332 14323
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