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Short Name: Albert Simpson Reitz
Full Name: Reitz, Albert Simpson, 1879-1966
Birth Year: 1879
Death Year: 1966 does not have biographical information about this person.

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[I am drinking at the fullness of the fountain]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)2
[I am saved from sin, I have peace within] (Reitz)Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)1113555 32111 11222
[I have a Redeemer, O worship His name]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)853343 23217 11176
[I know a song, the sweetest song]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)4
[I was lost in sin when Jesus found me]Albert S. Reitz (Composer)2012335 13433 27125
[I will lift my voice in praise unto my King]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)3
[O the bliss, the holy rapture when from earth we glide away]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)2
[O my life is filled with glory since the Lord came in]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)212333 21655 12334
[O the love so full and free]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)555151 23123 13453
[Out in the cold a lamb of the fold]A. S. Reitz (Composer)2
[Teach me to pray, Lord, teach me to pray]Albert Reitz (Composer)2534465 17652 34765
[Stand up, stand up for Jesus] (Reitz)Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)3
[Tenderly the voice of Jesus came to me]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)255671 37665 55521
[The heavenly Shepherd is seeking the lost]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)253234 12332 11111
[The Shepherd of Love is seeking the lost]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)1453333 34123 33216
[There never was a truer friend than Jesus] (Reitz)Albert S. Reitz (Composer)655321 72161 75543
[There's a crimson tide from the Savior's side]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)512353 17615 55113
[When heaven swung open its portals wide]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)355671 23321 11765
[When sinful and burdened and weary]Albert Simpson Reitz (Composer)3
[Whenever I think of God's wonderful love]A. S. Reitz (Composer)3
[Whenever I think of the wonderful love]Albert S. Reitz (Composer)2
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