S. D. Rodholm

Short Name: S. D. Rodholm
Full Name: Rodholm, S. D. (Søren Damsgaard), 1877-1951
Birth Year: 1877
Death Year: 1951

Rodholm served as president of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (1922-26), president of Grand View College, and professor and dean of the AELC Seminary.

NN, Hymnary

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As the rose shall blossom hereS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
Beauty around us, glory above us, Lovely are earth andSoren Damsgaard Rodholm (Author)4
Blossom as a rose shall hereS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
Come, Holy Spirit, Truth divineS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
Friends of Jesus, him believingS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
Jesus, draw thou near to meS. D. Rodholm (Translator (English))1
Like thousand mountains brightly crownedS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
O land of our KingS. D. Rodholm (Translator)4
Oh, let thy spirit with us tarry, Lord Jesus, this we ask of TheeS. D. Rodholm (Translator)2
Rise, Hero bold, from Calvary! S. D. Rodholm (Translator)2
See the golden sun from the ocean riseSoren Damsgaard Rodholm (Author)1
Some day, I know, the mist that life is veilingS. D. Rodholm (Translator)2
The great and skillful MasterS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
The leaves are falling everywhereSoren Damsgaard Rodholm (Author)1
The sun now shines in all its splendorSoren Damsgaard Rodholm (Author)3
Watch and wait unafraidS. D. Rodholm (Translator)1
We are stewards, and what we are worthSoren Damsgaard Rodholm (Author)2

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