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Short Name: C. O. Rosenius
Full Name: Rosenius, C. O. (Carl Olof), 1816-1868
Birth Year: 1816
Death Year: 1868

Rosenius, Carl Olof. (Nysätra, Sweden, February 3, 1816--February 24, 1868). Lutheran. Son of a state church preacher with pietist convictions. University of Uppsala, 1838-1839. Tutor at Lenna. Lay preacher and evangelist. Editor of Pietisten, 1842-1868, a monthly which played a major role in the revival and free church movement. In order to stem the tide of separation and keep the revival within the state church, Rosenius and his friends organized "Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsen" (Evangelical National Foundation) in 1856. In his activities as a lay preacher Rosenius was often accompanied by the singer-hymnist, Oscar Ahnfelt, and his lyrics were published in the latter's Andeliga Sånger (Spiritual Songs). Author of "Var jag går" (Wheresoe'er I Roam) and "Med Gud och hans vänskap" (With God and His Friendship). Reviser of "Jag har en vän, så huld, så mild, så tålig" (I Have a Friend, So Patient, Kind, Forbearing).

--J. Irving Erickson, DNAH Archives

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Ack, saliga stunder, som Jesus oss gerCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)3
Ängsliga hjärta, upp ur din dvalaC. O. Rosenius (Author)1
Hvad end der i verden bedrøver min sjælC. O Rosenius (Author)1
Hvad helst här i världen bedröfvar min själCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)2
Hvar jag gar, i skogarCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)4
I en djup, oändlig skogC. O. Rosenius (Author)1
I have a friend so patient, kind, forbearingCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)14
Med Gud och hans vänskap, hans Anda och ordCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)3
Med Gud og hans venskabC. O. Rosenius (Author)2
Now, anxious heart, awake from your sadnessC. O. Rosenius (Author)2
O Jesu, blif när oss, blif när oss allt fortC. O. Rosenius (Author)3
O Jesus, bliv när oss, bliv när oss allt fortC. O. Rosenius (Author)2
O precious thought, Some day the mistCarl Olof Rosenius, (1816-1868) (Author)4
Rise from thy stupor, heart so uneasyC. O. Rosenius (Author)3
The sign of the cross I triumphantly bearCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)5
Though I walk o'er mountainCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)2
Våga dig dristeligCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)1
Wheresoe'er I roam through valleys drearyCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)9
With God and his friendshipCarl Olof Rosenius (Author)3
With God and his mercy, His Spirit and WordCarl Olof Rosenius, (1816-1868) (Author)13
With God as our friend, with his Spirit and WordCarl Olof Rosenius, 1816-1868 (Author)3

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