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Jack Schrader
Short Name: Jack Schrader
Full Name: Schrader, Jack, 1942-
Birth Year: 1942

JACK SCHRADER (b. 1942), arranger, composer, conductor, vocalist, and organist/pianist, is past editor with Hope Publishing Company, retiring in January of 2009. His association with Hope began in 1978. A 1964 graduate of Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, where he majored in Voice and Organ, he also received the Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Nebraska (1966). Further studies in theology culminated in Jack's ordination by the Evangelical Free Church of America (1975). Born in St. Louis, Missouri, he now resides in Wheaton, Illinois, with his wife, Karen. They have three children, Beth, Jonathan and Joel, and currently three grandchildren.

Jack is the best selling choral composer in the Hope catalog. In addition to choral music Jack has published collections for keyboardists, instrumentalists and vocal soloists. He was a member of the editorial committee for Hope's most recent hymnal, WORSHIP & REJOICE (2001), in which he has 24 hymn credits. His music is heard in hundreds of churches across the country each Sunday, and he can be seen throughout the year as a guest clinician at choral reading sessions and workshops.


Tunes by Jack Schrader (22)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
RENDEZ À DIEUJack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)116511 24325 33143
O THE BLOOD OF JESUS (32143)Jack Schrader (Arranger)132143 21217 43213
MARY, DID YOU KNOWJack Schrader, 1942- (Composer)1
SYMPHONY (Brahms)Jack Schrader (Arranger)117165 12323 12171
[There's a star in the East on Christmas morn]Jack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)116116 16165 55577
CHILDREN PRAYINGJack Schrader (Arranger)233232 32213 33432
LAND OF REST (American)Jack Schrader (Arranger)251123 51165 51123
LACQUIPARLEJack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)211156 55434 42121
COME, BE BAPTIZEDJack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)2
INFINITEJack Schrader (Adapter)212343 53212 22345
CANTIQUE DE NOELJack Schrader (Arranger)233355 66461 55321
CECELIA (Schrader)Jack Schrader (Arranger)3
[What a mighty God we serve] (12321)Jack Schrader (Adapter)312321 65123 21321
PLEADING SAVIORJack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)332161 23532 32161
WORTHY (Mills)Jack Schrader (Arranger)355351 16155 65323
CANTAI AO SENHORJack Schrader, b. 1942 (Arranger)355315 55435 44427
BE STILL AND KNOW (Anonymous)Jack Schrader (Arranger)555365 55243 33456
BEACH SPRINGJack Schrader, 1942- (Arranger)611213 32161 16561
KINDREDJack Schrader (Composer)7
BUNESSANJack Schrader (Arranger)713512 76565 12356
SLANEJack Schrader (Arranger)1111216 56112 32222
ACCLAMATIONS (Schrader)Jack Schrader, b. 1942 (Composer)1615565 51223 453
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