Martin P. Setchell

Short Name: Martin P. Setchell
Full Name: Setchell, Martin P. does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Martin P. Setchell (13)AsInstancessort descendingIncipit
[I will call upon the Lord, and he will deliver me]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))212345 43
[We give thanks to you, O God]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))211314
PEOPLE FIRST (Gibson)Martin Setchell (Arranger)234551 56546 34551
[Lead me, Lord in your righteousness]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))232317 1
[In God I trust, and will not fear]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))211232 1
[The Lord our God is holy]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))211112 5
CANDLE (Setchell)Martin Setchell, b. 1949 (Composer)255121 65551 23125
DIURNUS NOCTUMartin Setchell (Composer)212554 32156 54321
[The peoples shall praise you for ever]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))211112 34
[O be joyful in God, all the earth]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))256723 34
[The Lord has chosen Zion]Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))211165 12
THE PROMISE (Setchell)Martin Setchell, b. 1939 (Composer)255117 45755 32125
[Blessed be the Lord, my rock] (Setchell)Martin Setchell (Composer (Response))311114 2

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