Richard Slater

Short Name: Richard Slater
Full Name: Slater, Richard, 1854-1939
Birth Year: 1854
Death Year: 1939

Library of Congress name authority Sources: found: The musical Salvationist, 2011: t.p. (Richard Slater; 1854-1939) p. 32, etc. (b. June 7, 1854 in Clerkenwell; worked in the Salvation Army's Musical Dept. from 1883 until his retirement in 1913; was the principal Salvationist composer, arranger and musical editor of the period; awarded the Order of the Founder, the highest honour bestowed to Salvationists, in 1923; d. Dec. 7, 1939)

Texts by Richard Slater (33)AsInstancessort descending
To save the world the Savior cameRichard Slater (Author)1
Here before thee, Lord, I'm bendingR. Slater (Author)1
All I have by thy bloodRichard Slater (Author)1
All I have, by thy blood thou dost claimRichard Slater (Author)1
I stand to learn, Lord, at thy crossRichard Slater (Author)2
I will sing the story of JesusRichard Slater (Author)2
No more delaying, God's call obeyingR. S. (Author)2
None the love of Christ can measureRichard Slater (Author)2
O why linger, linger, sinnerRichard Slater (Author)2
Oft our trust has known betrayalRichard Slater (Author)2
Seeds now we are sowingRichard Slater (Author)2
There is a way that we may walkRichard Slater (Author)2
What is the love of Jesus to theeRichard Slater (Author)2
While in my Lord confidingRichard Slater (Author)2
Yes, there flows a wondrous riverRichard Slater (Author)2
A call to arms from heaven to earth is soundingRichard Slater (Author)2
All the guilty past is washed awayRichard Slater (Author)2
And is it so, a gift from meRichard Slater (Author)2
At peace with God, how great the blessingRichard Slater (Author)2
At the cross when a soul is pleadingRichard Slater (Author)2
Christ the loving friend of menRichard Slater (Author)2
Dark is the way, sinnerRichard Slater (Author)2
Filled is my heart with grateful praiseRichard Slater (Author)2
For pardon to the cross I cameRichard Slater (Author)2
From the broad and crowded wayRichard Slater (Author)2
There flows a stream from my riven sideRichard Slater (Author)3
When wise men came seekingRichard Slater (Author)3
I have glorious tidings of Jesus to tellRichard Slater (Author)3
So that he for me might dieRichard Slater (Author)4
There is coming on a great day of rejoicingRichard Slater (Author)4
Afar from heaven thy feet have wanderedRichard Slater (Author)6
In the fight, say, does your heart grow weary?Richard Slater (Author)7
Jesus, see me at thy feet, Nothing but Thy blood can save meRichard Slater (Author)10

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