Millard H. Smith

Short Name: Millard H. Smith
Full Name: Smith, Millard H. does not have biographical information about this person.

Texts by Millard H. Smith (23)sort descendingAsInstances
Father dear has crossed death's riverMillard H. Smith (Author)2
How happy I'll be on that morningMillard H. Smith (Author)2
In the bright and happy tomorrowMillard H. Smith (Author)2
In the happy by and byMillard H. Smith (Author)3
Just beyond the crystal riverMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Loved ones in glory are callingMillard H. Smith (Author)2
My sainted mother's far awayMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Now's the time to win salvationMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Sadly now the bells are ringingMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Softly through the shadesMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Somewhere beyond this stormy strandMillard H. Smith (Author)2
There will be a bright tomorrowMillard H. Smith (Author)7
There's a place I know is heavenMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Traveling on the wayMillard H. Smith (Author)2
We shall all rejoice and singMillard H. Smith (Author)2
We shall find them thereMillard H. Smith (Author)2
We shall meet our friends and loved onesMillard H. Smith (Author)2
We shall never part up yonderMillard H. Smith (Author)3
When the gloom of nightMillard H. Smith (Author)2
When the golden harps are ringingMillard H. Smith (Author)2
When the loved ones get homeMillard H. Smith (Author)2
Who will meet me first in gloryMillard H. Smith (Author)2
You must face the judgment morningMillard H. Smith (Author)2
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