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Short Name: Pablo D. Sosa
Full Name: Sosa, Pablo D.
Birth Year: 1933
Death Year: 2020

Pablo Sosa (b. 1933 - d. 2020) grew up and was educated in Argentina, the U.S. (Westminster Choir College), and Germany. For years he pastored a large Methodist congregation in Buenos Aires, Argentina while composing songs, leading choirs, editing hymnals, producing religious broadcasts, and teaching liturgy and hymnology at a seminary.

Meanwhile, life in Argentina pushed him to question his assumptions about what’s best for congregational singing. During Argentina’s “dirty war,” two young women from his church were disappeared, possibly for working among the poor. As Catholic and Protestant churches hesitated whether to speak out, remain silent, or support the government, many people lost faith. Economic meltdown after the war plunged many middle-class Argentinians into poverty. Sosa’s growing social awareness widened his vision for “lifting up hope with a song.” He often describes worship as “the fiesta of the faithful,” where all are welcome and all music is seen as “part of the ‘song of the earth,’ which answers the psalmist’s call ‘Sing joyfully to God, all the earth!’ (Psalm 98:4).”

Whether in his home church, Iglesia Evangélica Metodista La Tercera (Third Methodist Church) in Buenos Aires, or at churches or conferences around the world, he urges people, “Put your body into worship!” And he reminds them of the biblical connection between justice and worship.

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Tunes by Pablo D. Sosa (28)sort descendingAsInstancesIncipit
CENTRALPablo Sosa (Composer)1217113 23354 34231
BUENOS AIRES (Sosa)Pablo D. Sosa (Composer)751115 51117 33377
CAMACUÁPablo D. Sosa (Composer)1512321 76175 12321
[Gloria, gloria, gloria en las alturas a Dios] (Sosa)Pablo Sosa, b. 1947 (Composer)2453535 32222 12353
[El abuelo se pone los anteojos]Pablo Sosa (Composer)251232 13211 75434
ALEGRÍA (Sosa)Pablo Sosa (Composer)2955433 45377 17555
EL SOL QUE SE APAGAPablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)212345 55434 55123
ESTE ES EL DIAPablo D. Sosa (Composer)1151115 51115 51115
[Este momento en punto es el momento]Pablo Sosa (Composer)256532 15656 55652
[Now, in a song of grateful praise] (53513)P. D. Sosa (Harmonizer)153513 43255 44732
[Hemos cubierto la tierra]Pablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)513131 35545 45431
[La bendición del Dios de Sara, Abraham y Agar]Pablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)351112 32121 75511
[Miren qué bueno es cuando los creyentes están juntos]Pablo Sosa (Composer)2
MIREN QUÉ BUENOPablo Sosa (Composer)3051164 25535 11642
O GREAT SPIRITPablo Sosa (Transcriber)211616 64154 66444
[Ore mboriajú]Pablo Sosa (Teacher)234517 64327 65321
ORÉ PORIAJÚ VEREKÓPablo Sosa (Composer (descant))134517 64327 65
[Por qué te nombro con miedo]Pablo Sosa (Composer)351717 66555 55555
[Que esta iglesia sea un árbol en el fondo de tu casa]Pablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)256717 61767 27676
ARGENTINE SANTOPablo D. Sosa (b. 1933) (Composer (two-part version))233322 11117 66511
[Si se cae la esperanza de tu pecho]Pablo D. Sosa, n. 1933 (Adapter)133543 54321 32153
STOCKWELL (Sosa)Pablo S. Sosa (Composer)411171 13432 21
[Stranger unknown, thou art my God]Pablo Sosa (Composer)213172 12346 43545
SUS HECHOSPablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)851312 22223 25134
[There's music in the air] (Sosa)Pablo Sosa (Composer)255667 11232 1
[Tres mujeres marchan muy de madrugada]Pablo Sosa (Composer)255432 17123 54643
[¡Vengan!, ¡vengan!, ¡vengan!]Pablo Sosa, n. 1933 (Composer)353317 11133 32217
[Your duty let the Apostle show]Pablo D. Sosa (Composer)2
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