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Short Name: T. Alfred Stowell
Full Name: Stowell, T. Alfred (Thomas Alfred), 1831-1916
Birth Year: 1831
Death Year: 1916

T. Alfred Stowell, M.A.; Queen’s College, Oxford; rector of Chorley; hon. canon of Manchester Cathedral; and rural dean of Leyland
Stowell, Thomas Alfred, M.A., son of Canon H. Stowell, was born at Salford, July 15, 1831. He was Bridgman Exhibitioner at Queen's College, Oxford, 1853, and B.A. in honours in 1855. Taking Holy Orders in 1857, he became Curate of Bolton, Diocese of Ripon, 1857-60; Incumbent of St. Stephen's, Bowling, Bradford, 1860-65; and then Rector of Christ Church, Salford, in succession to his father, 1865. He was also appointed Rural Dean of Salford in 1876, and Hon. Canon in Manchester Cathedral in 1879. Canon T. A. Stowell has published The Church Catechism simply and clearly explained, 1882, various Sermons, papers on Education, &c. Most of his hymns were written for the Anniversary Sermons of Christ Church Sunday Schools, Salford (nearly 2000 children), and include:—
1. Blessed Saviour, hear us when we cry. 1872.
2. Happy were those mothers. 1866.
3. In God's holy dwelling. 1873.
4. Lord, on Thy day, within Thy holy dwelling. 1877.
5. Lord, Thy children lowly bending. 1875.
6. My Saviour, be thou near me, When I lie down, &c. 1874.
7. O Jesus [Saviour] we have promised Henceforth to be Thine Own. Confirmation. 1877.
8. Sweet day of rest which God has given. Sunday. 1868.
9. While the sun is shining. Work. 1869.
These 9 hymns are in Canon T. A. Stowell's 1877 ed. of his father's Selection and of these Nos. 3 and 9 are the most popular.

He is also the author of:—
10. Come, Christian youths and maidens. Sunday School Anniversary. In Mrs. Brock's Children's Hymn Book, 1881, and others.
11. Early the holy women came. Easter. In the Church Monthly, April, 1888.
12. Remember thy Creator. Youthful Piety. In the Church S. School Magazine , Feb. 1888.
13. Saviour, we are young and weak. The Christian Race. In Mrs. Brock's Children's Hymn Book, 1881.
Several of these are popular hymns for children, and will no doubt gradually come into somewhat extensive use.

-- John Julian, Dictionary of Hymnology (1907)

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