H. S. Taylor

Short Name: H. S. Taylor
Full Name: Taylor, H. S. (Howard Singleton), 1847-
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year (est.): 1947
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Texts by H. S. Taylor (77)sort descendingAsInstances
A cruel old King from a castle strongHoward S. Taylor (Author)4
A giant bound with a chainH. Taylor (Author)3
A swelling wave of temperance songHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Along in November, when chillHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
Arouse, ye sons of temperanceHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Barren waters sometimes mockHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Brave Haddock has gone to his restHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Bring the brave drum outHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Call the little childrenHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
Clarkson and DudleyHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Clear the trackHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Come and listen my boysHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Courage, friends, the lust of blindnessHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
For God and home and native land, O words of blendingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Good folks listen to a manHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Hark, the thrill approaching nighHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Have you met the artful dodgerHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Huzza, huzzaHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
I am a brave distilleryHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
I asked of my conscience to giveHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
I remember well a cottageHoward S. Taylor (Author)6
I used to like a social drinkHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
I'm a temperance fanaticHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
I'm always very sorry for a drinking manHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
In the land of freedom's choiceHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
In the rain of the days that are driftingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Join loud and longHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Look up O prodigalHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Many people have a notionHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
No surrender, pass the word, For the ocnflict quickly girdHoward S. Taylor (Author)5
O brothers, sistersHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
O de Brewer's big hosses, comin' down de roadHoward S. Taylor (Author)5
O fling out the bannerHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
O Gineral MosesHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
O Kizer, Kizer is my nameHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
O land of our glory, rise, rise in thy mightHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
O mister brewer man, what you gwine to doHoward S. Taylor (Author)4
O temperance men, we're AmericansHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
O the sorrow and the woeHoward S. Taylor (Author)6
O who will stand for the FatherlandHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
On the ocean of life (Taylor)Howard S. Taylor (Author)2
Onward the cause is movingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Said the deacon BedottHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Said the secretary of stateHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
See the sinner at the templeRev. H. Taylor (Author)2
Sing a song of sixpenceHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Sleeping on the maintopHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Stand by the blue, Ever be trueRev. H. Taylor (Author)2
Take the stepHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The bells, the bells, the temperance bellsHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The bonds of the ages are breakingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The emerald breast of the great green westHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The flowers swim at the topHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The home and the saloon are cutHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
The land the pilgrims sought forHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The lines are drawn and we're preparedHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The signs are improvingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
The temperance ark is just aboutHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
There is trouble abroadHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
There's a good old roadHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
There's a patient little woman here belowHoward S. Taylor (Author)4
There's a rod above the oceanHoward S. Taylor (Author)10
There's an adder in the cupH. Taylor (Author)7
Thou camest, Lord, in kingly stateHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Time is flying, flyingH. Taylor (Author)3
To Ophrah's oak an angel cameHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
Truth is enlisting usHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
We praise thee, O God (Taylor)Howard S. Taylor (Author)2
We ring the challenge out, all evil hosts defyingHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
We will stand side by sideHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
What are a freeman's rights todayHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
What's all the stir, neighborHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
When Moses led the Hebrews outHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
When the hours are dark and drearHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
When the very heavens shudderHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
Whiskey steals the wise man's brainsHoward S. Taylor (Author)3
With the help of ChristHoward S. Taylor (Author)2
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