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Kathleen Thomerson
Short Name: Kathleen Thomerson
Full Name: Thomerson, Kathleen, 1934-
Birth Year: 1934

Kathleen Thomerson is Organist and Music Director at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. She was born in Tennessee and grew up in Mississippi, California, and Texas. College music study was at the Universities of Colorado and Texas, the Flemish Royal Conservatory in Antwerp, and privately in Paris. Before retirement in Austin, she lived in Collinsville, Illinois, when her husband was a biology professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Her best-known hymn text is "I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light," set to her hymn tune HOUSTON.


Tunes by Kathleen Thomerson (17)sort iconAsInstances
ARNOLDIKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
BAUCOMKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
ENTHRONEMENTKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
FLIPPINKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
GUIDING HANDKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
HEAVEN'S JOYSKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
HOUSTON (Thomerson)Kathleen Thomerson, b. 1934 (Composer)30
INVITATION (Thomerson)Kathleen Thomerson (Composer)3
KORTEKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
LIFETIMEKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
MEYER (Thomerson)Kathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
NOBLE BOYDKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
PRISM COLORSKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
PROVERBS 8Kathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
SACRED SPACEKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
TEMPLE (Thomerson)Kathleen Thomerson (Composer)2
WHEATLEYKathleen Thomerson (Composer)2