Will L. Thompson

Will L. Thompson
Short Name: Will L. Thompson
Full Name: Thompson, Will L. (Will Lamartine), 1847-1909
Birth Year: 1847
Death Year: 1909

Will Lamartine Thompson (1847-1909)
Born: November 7, 1847, East Li­ver­pool, Ohio.
Died: Sep­tem­ber 20, 1909, New York, New York.
Buried: Ri­ver­view Cem­e­te­ry, East Li­ver­pool, Ohio.

Rebuffed in an ear­ly at­tempt to sell his songs to a com­mer­cial pub­lish­er, Thomp­son start­ed his own pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny. He lat­er ex­pand­ed, open­ing a store to sell pi­an­os, or­gans and sheet mu­sic. Both a lyr­i­cist and com­pos­er, he en­sured he would al­ways re­mem­ber words or mel­o­dies that came to him at odd times:
"No mat­ter where I am, at home or ho­tel, at the store or tra­vel­ing, if an idea or theme comes to me that I deem wor­thy of a song, I jot it down in verse. In this way I ne­ver lose it."
Thompson took ill dur­ing a tour of Eur­ope, and his fam­i­ly cut short their tra­vels to re­turn home. He died a few weeks lat­er.

1.Jesus Is All the World to Me
2.Lead Me Gently Home, Father
3.Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
4.There’s a Great Day Coming



Various biographical sketches and newspaper articles about Thompson are available in the DNAH Archives.

Wikipedia Biography

William Lamartine Thompson (November 7, 1847 – September 20, 1909) was a noted American composer. He founded the W. L. Thompson Music Company and tried his hand with some success at secular compositions before finding his forte in hymns and gospel songs.

Texts by Will L. Thompson (59)AsInstancessort ascending
Softly and tenderly Jesus is callingWill Thompson, 1847-1909 (Author)736
There's a great day coming, A great day comingW. L. T. (Author)376
Jesus is all the world to me, My life, my joy, my allWill L. Thompson (Author)257
Lead me gently home, FatherW. L. T. (Author)143
A sinner was wandering at eventideWilliam L. Thompson (Author)54
Jesus bids you comeW. L. T. (Author)33
O to be more like JesusW. L. Thompson (Author)31
'Tis sweet to know that Jesus loves me, O how sweet!W. L. T. (Author)18
I have heard of a home far away above the skiesWilliam L. Thompson (Author)13
They say there's a land o'er the oceanWilliam L. Thompson (Author)12
Give the flowers to the livingW. L. T. (Author)8
When I lie on my pillow tonightWilliam L. Thompson (Author)8
Listen to the voice of Jesus Speaking within thy heartWilliam L. Thompson (Author)7
Look look to the comforterWill L. Thompson (Author)7
O sing me a song of the better landLamartine (Author)6
O tell me more of Jesus, of him I long to knowWilliam L. Thompson (Author)6
Where spend eternity when earth is goneW. L. T. (Author)6
Have I done any good in the world todayWilliam L. Thompson (Author)6
Let everyone who feels the callWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
Now, friends, 'tis time to say goodnightWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
The world has need of Christian menWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
There'll be music in heaven, we're told, played on the harps of goldWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
There's someone in heaven thinking of meWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
I need thy pardon, LordWilliam L. Thompson (Author)5
Cuán tiernamente Jesús hoy nos llamaWill L. Thompson (Author)4
O where are the little ones, lovely and fairWill L. Thompson (Author)4
The world has need of willing menWilliam L. Thompson (Author)4
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, He hath left the solemn graveWilliam L. Thompson (Author)4
Innerligt, k'rleksfullt Jesus dig kallarWilliam L. Thompson (Author)4
Cristo es el todo para míWill L. Thompson (Author)3
Sometime we'll hear the sound of Gabriel's hornWilliam L. Thompson (Author)3
Pa nahe mai la ko Iesu kaheaWill L. Thompson, 1847-1909 (Author)3
God save our Union, may it forever standWilliam L. Thompson (Author)3
Jesus 'r allt, ja, allt foer migWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Leise und liebevoll Jesus uns rufetWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Men are marching on to GodWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Softly and tenderly Jesus is nearWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
The darkest sins that curse this lifeWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Come, ye that thirst for cooling waterWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
The Lord is here with saving powerWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Dolĉe kaj ame Jesuo alvokasWill L. Thompson (Author)2
The sweet spring flowers and summer leavesWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Cuan dulcemente Jesus hoy nos llamaWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
The sweetest place on earth to meWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Earnestly for you he's callingWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
There are times when we draw very nearWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
God save our native land, may union ever standWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
There's a better day comingWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
How beautiful the golden ruleWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
'Tis noble to be a ChristianWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
Sagte og inderlig Jesus nu kalderWill L. Thompson (Author)2
Cristo é tudo para mim, é vida, paz e luzWill Lamartine Thompson (Author)2
What beautiful lessons of life we're learningWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
I'm thine, dear Lord, entirely thineWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
If God be my Father, 'tis well, 'tis wellWilliam L. Thompson (Author)2
If you want a loving SaviorW. L. T. (Author)2
يسوع كل المشتهىWill L. Thompson (Author)1
Höre des Heilandes Stimme erschallenWill L. Thompson (Author)1
My heavenly home is bright and fair, I long to be thereWill. L. Thompson (Author)1

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