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Short Name: Chris Tomlin
Full Name: Tomlin, Chris, 1972-
Birth Year: 1972 does not have biographical information about this person.

Tunes by Chris Tomlin (20)AsInstancesIncipitsort ascending
HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD (Cash, Reeves, and Tomlin)Chris Tomlin (Composer)1751553 53155 3534
FOREVERChris Tomlin (Composer)1455555 56555 33432
WE FALL DOWNChris Tomlin (Composer)735517 21234 33213
NOEL (Cash, Tomlin, Redman)Chris Tomlin (Composer)213344 55344 77111
I WILL RISEChris Tomlin (Composer)213321 76133 21221
COME TO THE WATERChris Tomlin (Composer)212333 32121 11233
GIGLIOChris Tomlin (Composer)911115 55553 21155
THE WONDERFUL CROSSChris Tomlin (Composer)8
MY CHAINS ARE GONEChris Tomlin (Composer (refrain) and Arrange)13
[You hear me whien I call]Chris Tomlin (Composer)5
[All Your ways are good]Chris Tomlin (Composer)5
MIGHTY IS THE POWERChris Tomlin (Composer)2
OUR GODChris Tomlin (Composer)9
[There's a place where mercy reigns and never dies]Chris Tomlin (Composer)8
[I believe in the Son]Chris Tomlin (Composer)7
[With this heart open wide]Chris Tomlin (Composer)2
ENOUGHChris Tomlin (Composer)2
[He became sin, who knew no sin]Chris Tomlin (Composer)8
[All of creation]Chris Tomlin (Composer)4
[There is truth older than the ages]Chris Tomlin (Composer)2
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